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MAX Status

Opening Date: The MAX database will open up on November 15, 2000 for preparation of the FY 2002 database with collection of all years for baseline schedules and past year (PY) and current year (CY) for policy schedules. This is a change from the originally planned opening date of Nov 13th. The change is due to requirements to validate updates made from the FACTS II database for PY and to make special preparations for the treatment of policy estimates in BY and the outyears.

Content of the Database: The database that will be used will be significantly different from initial databases in previous years. In brief, information will be updated for all years of the baseline schedules (S, K, Y) and the PY and CY columns of the policy schedules.

AFTER THE INAUGURATION: a) When the database is reopened after the inauguration sometime after January 2001, the BY and outyear policy amounts will have been unlocked, and the data generation rules will have been run for all amounts so that, e.g., CY end of year balances are copied to the BY start of year, and mandatory BA, outlay, and receipt estimates will be copied into the policy schedules from baseline sections. b) All other BY and outyear policy amounts will be zero when the database is reopened.

If you have questions about the above, please contact your OMB representative.

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The annual baseline adjustment factors are now available in the MAX A-11 Data Entry System. They are used to calculate the outyear estimates for baseline schedules (S and K). You may review them by selecting the "OMB Growth Rates" option under the View column in the application. Please disregard the Default EA 11 line. These are the economic assumption growth rates that will be updated and applied to policy budget estimates when the President's Budget is prepared under the new administration. At present, the outyear calculators for policy schedules have been turned off.

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blue ball Training schedule PDF Information (14k)
blue ball Production schedule PDF Information (5k) horizontal bar

Budget Documents

blue ball OMB Circular No. A-11

Explanation of MAX Edit Checks
Listing of OMB Agency/Bureau and Treasury Codes

blue ball OMB Circular No. A-34
blue ball Preparation of the FY 2001 budget and supporting data PDF Information (39k)
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FACTS II and the P&F Schedule

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MAX A-11 Documents

blue ball Notification of software and hardware requirements
blue ball Information on Y2K for the MAX A-11 Data Entry System
blue ball MAX A-11 User's Guide
blue ball Agency Budget Survey
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Possibility of Automating Budget Text

blue ball Overview of the Budget Text Process
blue ball Budget Text Preparation Questionnaire horizontal bar

MAX A-11 Software

blue ball MAX A-11 Data Entry Software (FY2002) Release 7.2
     (self-extracting archive, 1.7 mb)
blue ball Updated "Help" file for MAX A-11 Data Entry horizontal bar


blue ball Feedback form on the MAX A-11 System

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