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High Performance Computing and Communications

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High Performance Computing and Communications
    A strong research program in communications and computers is essential for a nation whose future is tightly linked to the success of information technology. Government research partnerships with industry have given the US a clear lead in key technologies. These programs will be strengthened in FY96. The high performance computing program is on the brink of accomplishing two of its most ambitious goals:

  • a scaleable computer capable of sustaining one trillion operations per second, and

  • development of a nationwide network capable of sending a billion bits of information a second.

Both goals represent a factor of 1000 gain over what was possible when the project began three years ago.

FY96 programs include:

  • high performance computing systems
  • the National Research and Education Network
  • Advanced Software Technology and Algorithms
  • Basic research and human resources
  • Information infrastructure technologies and applications

(FY96 interagency $1,142M)

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High Performance Computing and Communications

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