Timber Supply Pipeline

The timber supply pipeline is flowing again

In 1991, the federal timber supply pipeline was shut down to a mere trickle. A federal court injunction put the timber sale program west of the Cascade mountains in a straight jacket, because the federal government did not have a forest plan that was both balanced and protected the region's forests, salmon, and water quality. A flurry of lawsuits followed, gridlock engulfed the region, previous administrations failed to address this dilemma, and during all of this activity of inaction, the timber supply pipeline was running dry.

The President stepped up to the challenge to get a sustainable timber supply pipeline flowing again. In 1994, the injunctions were lifted just two months after the President's Forest Plan's record of decision was announced.

For the first time in three years, the legal logjam was broken, and federal timber sales in the region of the northern spotted owl are moving forward.

The President's Forest Plan

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Closing Legal Logjams

Timber Supply Pipeline

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