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Instructions or information issued by OMB to Federal agencies. These are expected to have a continuing effect of two years or more.

To obtain circulars available in hard copy only, please call the Office of Management and Budget's information line at (202) 395-3080.

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OMB Circulars in Numerical Sequence

OMB Circular A-1, dated 08/07/52
System of Circulars and Bulletins to Executive Departments and Establishments

OMB Circular A-11, Transmittal Memorandum #73, dated 07/19/00
Part 1 - Preparation and Submission of Budget Estimates
Part 2 - Preparation and Submission of Strategic Plans and Annual Performance Plans
   and Annual Program Performance Reports
Part 3 - Planning, Budgeting, and Acquisition of Capital Assets
Supplement to Part 3, Capital Programming Guide

OMB Circular A-16, dated 10/19/90
Coordination of Surveying, Mapping, and Related Spatial Data Activities

OMB Circular A-19, dated 09/20/79
Legislative Coordination and Clearance

OMB Circular A-21, dated 08/08/00
Cost Principles for Educational Institutions

OMB Circular A-25, Transmittal Memorandum #1, dated 07/08/93
User Charges

OMB Circular A-34, Transmittal Memorandum #16, dated 11/03/00
Instructions on Budget Execution

OMB Circular A-45, dated 10/20/93
Rental and Construction of Government Quarters

OMB Circular A-50, dated 09/29/82
Audit Followup

OMB Circular A-76 - Performance of Commercial Activities
-- Circular A-76 in HTML, WPD or PDF PDF Information (29k) format, dated 08/04/83
   (Revised 06/14/99)
-- Supplemental Handbook in HTML, WPD or PDF PDF Information (968k) format, dated 04/01/96
   (Revised 06/14/99)
-- Transmittal Memorandum #20 in HTML, WPD or PDF (85k) format, dated 06/14/99
    Implementing the FAIR Act
-- Transmittal Memorandum #21 in HTML format, dated 04/27/00
-- Transmittal Memorandum #22 in PDF (8k) format, dated 08/31/00

OMB Circular A-87, dated 05/04/95, further amended 08/29/97
Cost Principles for State, Local and Indian Tribal Governments

OMB Circular A-89, dated 08/17/84
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

OMB Circular A-94, dated 10/29/92
Discount Rates to be Used in Evaluating Time-Distributed Costs and Benefits

OMB Circular A-97, dated 08/29/69
Transmittal Memorandum #1, dated 03/27/81
Specialized or Technical Services for State and Local Governments

OMB Circular A-102, dated 10/07/94, further amended 08/29/97
Grants and Cooperative Agreements With State and Local Governments

OMB Circular A-109, dated 04/05/76 (Available in hard copy only)
Major Systems Acquisitions

OMB Circular A-110, dated 11/19/93, further amended 09/30/99
Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Other Agreements with
Institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals and Other Non-Profit Organizations

OMB Circular A-119, Transmittal Memorandum dated 02/10/98
Federal Participation in the Development and Use of Voluntary Standards

OMB Circular A-122, dated 06/01/98
Cost Principles for Non-Profit Organizations

OMB Circular A-123, dated 06/21/95
Management Accountability and Control

OMB Circular A-125, was rescinded and replaced by the Prompt Pay regulations at 5 CFR Part 1315.

OMB Circular A-126, dated 05/22/92
Improving the Management and Use of Government Aircraft
-- Attachment A
-- Attachment B

OMB Circular A-127, dated 07/23/93
Financial Management Systems
Transmittal Memorandum #2, dated 06/10/99

OMB Circular A-129, dated 01/11/93
Managing Federal Credit Programs

OMB Circular A-130, Transmittal Memorandum #4, dated 11/28/00
Management of Federal Information Resources

OMB Circular A-131, dated 05/21/93
Value Engineering

OMB Circular A-133, dated 06/24/97
Audits of States, Local Governments, and Non-Profit Organizations
-- Appendix A: Data Collection Form (Form SF-SAC) PDF Information (56k)
-- Appendix B: March 2000 Compliance Supplement

OMB Circular A-134, dated 05/20/93
Financial Accounting Principles and Standards

OMB Circular A-135, dated 10/05/94
Management of Federal Advisory Committees

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