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Community Action Project
A faith-based organization founded in 1992 by clergy and lay leaders in Brooklyn to bring different ethnic and racial groups together to address the social and economic issues that concern them

Community Change, Inc.
A Boston, MA program that works to end racism in the city

Community Connection
A support system for collaborative activities created to encourage positive relationships among members of multicultural communities

Community in Contact
A Bridgeport, CT program that engages individuals, churches and the community in dialogues on race

Community Minority and Cultural Center, CASE Program
A program which fosters understanding between the diverse youth of Lynn and local police officers

Conference on Racism: Yours, Mine, and Ours
The Conference on Racism created to foster a dialogue on racism and establish the "12 Steps Toward Undoing Racism"

Cultural Sensitivity: Orientation for the New Juvenile Justice Professional
Center for Juvenile Justice Training and Research, implemented a program to train juvenile justice probation officers to become more familiar with and sensitive to their clients' cultures

Dialogue: Racism
A Houston, TX program that seeks to end prejudice and racism by examining stereotypes, overt racism and subtle racism

Discovery: A Leadership Program for Girls and Women
A New York, NY program that increases girls' and women's sense of leadership ability

Diversity - A Passage to the Future at Xerox
The Xerox Corporation works towards a pluralistic environment by implementing programs which promote inclusion and understanding as well as by raising awareness about prejudicial or discriminatory behavior

Diversity Consortium Resource Groups
Strategic diversity initiatives which serve diverse customers and the Bell Atlantic workforce.

Diversity Roundtables
A Pittsburgh, PA program that allows college students to discuss and debate issues related to diversity on campus

Double Discovery Center
A New York, NY program that assists minority students who exhibit serious academic need, while instilling them with confidence, pride, curiosity and hope needed to complete secondary school and embark upon the path of higher education

DreamYard Drama Project
A New York NY project that places professional artists in inner-city classrooms to build leadership and promote literacy among children

Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative
A Roxbury, MA program that enlists participation of local residents to direct the improvement efforts within their own community

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