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Many Faces of Lynn: City of Immigrants
A Lynn, Massachusetts program that fosters cultural understanding among the city's diverse youth

Metropolitan Indochinese Children and Adolescent Services (MICAS)-South Cove
MICAS provides mental health and social services to the Southeast Asian community, and collaborates with other community-based organizations to facilitate joint youth activities that foster inter-ethnic understanding in Lynn, Massachusetts

Milestone Adventures
An East Montpelier, VT program that sponsors activities that bring people of different races together

Minority Training For Career Ladder in Child Care
A program began in response to a need for child care providers whose language and cultural background reflected the changing demographics in the city.

Mosaic Initiative
A W. Hartford, CT student-led initiative to bring different campus groups together to reduce isolation

Multicultural Music Group Inc.
A New York, NY organization that promotes multicultural arts instruction

National Conversation on Race, Ethnicity and Culture
An organization created to enlighten people about the various cultures that exist within society and to encourage and broaden dialogue among people who have limited interaction with those of different backgrounds

New Majority Joint Venture Initiative
The New York-based initiative brings together business owners from minority communities to improve communications and promote sustainable business relations

Northeastern University's Center for the Study of Sport in Society
A Boston, MA-based organization that examines the how sports relate to different societal issues, including race

Of Many Colors: Portraits of Multiracial Families
A traveling photographic exhibit that celebrates racial diversity in the American family

Pathways to Teaching Careers Program
A program that develops and tests new models designed to increase and diversify the supply of well-trained public school teachers and prepare teachers to meet the challenges of teaching in different communities

Peace Games
A Sommerville, MA-based program that works with young children and their families to create safe schools and teach the value of respecting people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds

Prep for Prep
A New York, NY, program that helps minority youth enter independent schools and attend college

PRIDE -- Power Represented by Individuals who value Diversity and Equality
An Abington Friends School effort to foster discussions on race, promote conflict resolution, and celebrate different cultures

Pro-integrative Consultation
A Philadelphia, PA-based program that provides guidance to local communities that want to sustain racial integration in their cities

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