PCSCB Meeting Agenda: December 13, 1997

White House Conference Center (third floor)
Truman Room (202-456-7920)
726 Jackson Place, Washington, DC
(in townhouses on the west side of Lafayette Park across from the White House)
Saturday, December 13, 1997
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
10:00            Introductory Remarks and Discussion of Proposed Agenda
                    Gene Sperling, Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, Director
                              of the National Economic Council
                    Kathleen Brown
                    Jon Corzine
                    Discussion of today's agenda

10:30           Housekeeping Items
                    Ethics (Bob Damus, General Counsel, OMB)
                    The Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) (Maynard Comiez,
                              Department of the Treasury, Designated Federal Official)
                              Open meetings
                              Meetings announced in the Federal Register 15 days in advance
                              Minutes available to the public
                    The Commission's budget and related items (expenses of the Commission, etc.)
                    Role of OMB and Treasury staff

11:00           What Do We Want to Do?
                    Purpose and goal of the Commission
                              Content, length, and deadline for report to the National Economic Council

11:30           How Do We Want to Do the Work?
                    Expert views
                    Purpose, number, and schedule for meetings and hearings

12:00           Who Should Help Us Do the Work?
                    Role of the Commissioners
                    Staff director and staff
                    Other organizational issues

12:15           Working Lunch in Eisenhower Room: White House Conference Center (second floor)

1:15             Discussion of the Four Items from the Executive Order (about 20 minutes each)
                    (a) Capital Budgeting Practices of Other Governments and the Private Sector

1:35             (b) The Appropriate Definition of Capital for Federal Budgeting

1:55             (c) The Role of Depreciation in Capital Budgeting

2:15             (d) The Effect of a Federal Capital Budget on Budgetary Choices

2:45             Break

3:00             Summary Comments and Next Steps
                    Kathleen Brown
                    Jon Corzine

3:30             Questions from the Press

4:00             Adjourn

President's Commission to Study Capital Budgeting

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