April 22, 1998: Preserving America's Natural Treasures


Today, on our nation's 28th Earth Day, we have come to the Appalachian Trail and to this gorgeous confluence of rivers to celebrate the foresight of early conservationists... We have come here to dedicate ourselves to carrying forth their abiding sense of stewardship into the new millennium. We have come here to promise that our children will inherit an America whose natural bounty is even greater than it is today.

- President Bill Clinton
April 22, 1998

Today, President Clinton issues a strong statement calling for Congress to pass comprehensive, bipartisan tobacco legislation to reduce teen smoking.

Today, in the spirit of this Administration's commitment to service, President Clinton and Vice President Gore celebrate Earth Day by traveling to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, to work with volunteers on revegetation and erosion protection projects on the Appalachian Trail. Their efforts, and those of countless others today across the country, reflect America's deep commitment to saving and restoring our national treasures for all time.

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