April 3, 1998: Strongest Economy in a Generation


Our strong economy is the product of the hard work, creativity and innovative spirit of the American people. And it is also the fruit of the comprehensive economic strategy we put in place in 1993 -- an economic strategy for the Information Age. Now, the coming months will test whether our nation will stick with that strategy.

- President Bill Clinton
April 3, 1998

Today, President Clinton spoke on the state of the economy; while there are ups and downs, the economy continues to be strong: in the first three months of this year, the unemployment rate was the lowest in 28 years.

The Strongest Economy In A Generation. President Clinton's three-part economic strategy -- cutting the deficit, investing in our people, opening new markets to American goods and services -- is working for America's families. Since 1993 it has helped bring about:

The Balanced Budget: Building On Success. The President's agenda builds on this record. His plan calls for projected budget surpluses to be reserved pending Social Security reform, but provides targeted tax relief for child care, education, and the environment -- all fully paid for. These targeted tax relief efforts would: