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Vice President Gore's Coalition to Sustain Success


May 29th
September 3rd

Vice President Al Gore's Coalition to Sustain Success
May 29th Event

Basic Conference Format: Eli Segal, President of the Welfare to Work Partnership introduced Vice President Al Gore. The VP gave brief remarks and then introduced the founding members of the Coalition. The Vice President then moderated a panel representing various model organizations that support the employment and retention of those moving off public assistance.

Audience: Approx. 200 in the room. Over 1000 satellite downlink sites. Representatives from model welfare to work programs, civic and service organizations, religious organizations, organized labor, federal/state/local staff who work with welfare programs and a few businesses were all in attendance.

Panel Participants

John Sharp, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Family Pathfinders, Austin, TX Architect of Family Pathfinders, the model which inspired this coalition. Pathfinders helps community groups link families in need with the resources that help them leave public assistance behind. (See attached Bio)

Reverend Don Roberts, President/CEO, Goodwill Industries - Manasota, Sarasota, FL Has placed 1000 chronically unemployed in jobs since program began in 1987. Placed and kept 311 people in jobs last year alone.

Peter Cove, Founder, America Works, New York, NY Has helped more than 12,000 welfare recipients find full time private sector jobs at average of $16,000 per year. 81% of those placed have not returned to welfare after two years.

Rachel Hubka, President and CEO, Rachel's Bus Company, Chicago, IL Hires almost exclusively from inner-city Chicago; recruits at Public Assistance office. President acknowledged her during State of the Union address; will be at 5/20 event with President.

Rob Carmona, Executive Director, East Harlem Employment Services/STRIVE, New York, NY Featured on 60 minutes this month, STRIVE has expanded from East Harlem to 18 sites in 4 cities. Maintains contact with graduates for 2 years and promises counseling and mentoring throughout a graduate's life. 80% of graduates in Boston still employed 2 years later.

Paul Barnes, Deputy Commissioner for Human Resources, Social Security Administration, Baltimore, MD -- Well known for hiring and mentoring welfare recipients throughout his long federal career in Alabama, Atlanta, Chicago and Baltimore. Architect of current SSA plan to hire 600 welfare recipients over next four years based on experience of what works.

Secretary Donna Shalala., U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alexis Herman, U.S. Department of Labor

Vice President Al Gore's Coalition to Sustain Success
September 3rd Event

Basic Conference Format: This second conference focused on partnerships with state and local officials and highlighted a number of local welfare to work training and mentoring programs. In the morning session, attendees watched two panels in the morning listed below. In the afternoon, Coalition members organized a "showcase" in the Indian Treaty room where attendees could pick up materials and a box lunch and meet organization representatives. Attendees were then invited back to room 450 to take part in a training session facilitated by Texas Family Pathfinders.

Audience: Approx. 200 in the room. State and local elected officials, federal staff working on welfare issues, national organizations, others.

Panel 1: Leadership: Setting the Pace for Change
This panel of federal and state representatives each gave a short snapshot of innovative practices that were happening around the country.

John Monahan, Department of Health and Human Services (MODERATOR)
Con Hogan, Secretary of VT Human Services for APWA
Gloria Molina, LA County Administrator
Jan Laverty Jones, Mayor of Las Vegas
Aida Alvarez, Small Business Administration

Panel 2: Building the Relationships: Working Together to Sustain Success
VP facilitated a panel of, 3-4 pairs of state (or local) and volunteer organizations who presented what they are doing; clarified state/volunteer roles, suggested potential roles for others and discussed what works and what doesn't.

Rick Allen -United Way (Tacoma, WA)
Rosemary Barnhart - Pierce County Community Services (Tacoma, WA)
Loren Snipe -MI Family Independence Agency (Ottawa County, MI)
Bill Raymond -Good Samaritan Missionaries (Ottawa Co., MI)
Sherri Carole - Families First/TN Dept. of Human Services (Nashville, TN)
Mary-Claire Knight - Dorchester YMCA Day Care Program (Dorchester, MA)

Welfare to Work Training Session
"Involving the Community: Techniques that Work" -- (Room 450)
Elaine Ryan, American Public Welfare Association facilitated this session.

Linda Thurston Survival Skills (private training company)
Sharon Shultz, Private Industry Council (will speak on the role of public information)
Lucy Todd, Texas Family Pathfinders (will speak on mentor training in Texas)
Ronnie McDonald, Texas Family Pathfinders (will speak on mentor training in Texas)

Small Business Administration, Partner of May 19, 1998 Welfare-to-Work Conference

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