Sixteenth Session February 22, 1999

FEBRUARY 22, 1999




PCAST Members: John A.Young(Co-Chair); Neal Lane (Co-Chair); Franscisco J. Ayala; David A. Hamburg;John P. Holdren; Diana MacArthur; Shirley M. Malcom; Mario J. Molina; PeterH. Raven, Charles Sanders; Sally K. Ride, Judith Rodin; Charles M.Vest;Virginia V. Weldon; Lillian Shiao-Yen Wu.

Staff: Deanna Behring; ArthurBienenstock; Rosina Bierbaum; Bruce MacDonald; Duncan Moore; Joan P. Porter

Public Attendance: Approximately70 members of the public, including the press, were present.

Welcome and Introductions

John Young and Neal Lane,PCAST Co-Chairs, opened the meeting at 1:10 PM February 22. Dr. Lane commentedbriefly about the meeting of PCAST with the Vice President that took placeearlier in the day.

Reports of the PCAST Panelsand Office of Science and Technology Policy Divisions

Reports were given by JohnHoldren, International Energy R&D Panel Chair; Peter Raven, Environmentand Natural Resources Panel Chair; Shirley Malcom, Acting Education PanelChair. Members commented and asked questions about the ongoing panel work.

Arthur Bienenstock, AssociateDirector for Science, gave a report on the Education Panel's deliberationson proposed revisions to OMB Circular A-110 on data access; the revisionswere published for public comment in the Federal Register. The proposedrevisions are part of the written record of this meeting. He also reportedon activities in the Science Division of the Office of Science and TechnologyPolicy (OSTP).

Deanna Behring and BruceMacDonald reported on activites in the National Security and InternationalAffairs Division, OSTP.

The President's FY 2000 BudgetUpdate

Tom Kahn, Staff Director,Minority, House Budget Committee, gave comments on the FY 2000 Budget.His counterpart on the Majority was unable to attend the meeting.

Elgie Holstein, AssociateDirector, Natural Resources, Energy and Science, Office of Management andBudget, next presented a perspective.

He was followed by CharlesLarson, Executive Director, Industrial Research Institute, Inc., who commentedon trends in private industry investments in R&D. A copy of Mr. Larson'soverheads is part of the written record of the meeting.

The last speaker in thissegment was Albert Teich, Director of Science and Policy Programs, AmericanAssociation for the Advancement of Science. A copy of

Dr. Teich's overhead presentationis a part of the written record of this meeting.

Members asked questions andcommented after each presentation.

Report of the President'sInformation Technology Advisory Committee

Kenneth Kennedy, Cochairof the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC) gavea summary of the report that PITAC was to release later in the week. Membersdiscussed the report with Dr. Kennedy. A copy of Dr. Kennedy's handoutto PCAST, the draft PITAC report, is part of the written record of thismeeting.

Public Comment

Robert L. Stern, S &E Associates, Washington, DC, provided public comments.


Neal Lane adjourned the meetingat 4:30 PM

Minutes submitted by:


Joan P. Porter

Executive Secretary

Presidential Committee ofAdvisors on Science and Technology


Neal Lane

Co-Chair, President's Committeeof Advisors on Science and Technology


John A. Young

Co-Chair, President's Committeeof Advisors on Science and Technology

President'sCommittee of Advisors
on Scienceand Technology
1600 Pennsylvania Ave,N.W
Washington, DC 20502


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