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FACTS II and the P&F Schedule

As with last year, your agency accounting office was required to report year-end accounting information to OMB and Treasury using the FACTS II system. FACTS II allows your agency to simultaneously fulfill the reporting requirements of the SF 133 Report on Budget Execution (used to monitor SF 132 Apportionments and as the basis of the Statement of Budgetary Resources), the FMS 2108 Year-End Closing Statement (used as the basis of the Treasury Annual Report), and most of the prior year column of the Program and Financing schedule (MAX schedule P). 31 U.S.C. 3512 requires these to tie.

Last year, FACTS II-reported information was placed into the prior year column of 300 budget accounts' P&F schedules. This year, FACTS II-reported information was placed into the prior year column of 834 budget accounts' P&F schedules due to increasing compliance with FACTS II.

As with last year, you may over-write any of the amounts originally reported by your agency accounting office to Treasury, except for Line 9000 "Net Outlays". See OMB Circular No. A-11, sections 82.17 through 82.20 regarding over-writing amounts reported by your accounting office.

The following report shows which budget accounts had enough accounting information reported through FACTS II to have amounts placed in the prior year column of the P&F schedule.

blue ball List of P&F accounts where FACTS II-reported information was placed into the prior year column

The following report shows exactly how the accounting information that your agency's accounting office reported through FACTS II was crosswalked and placed into certain lines in the P&F schedule. The following report shows the details for each Treasury account (for example, the 97 account, the 98 account, the 99 account) and then summarizes all of the Treasury account-level detail into the OMB Budget account-level line numbers and line titles.

blue ball Exactly how amounts were crosswalked from FACTS II to the P&F Schedule for these accounts PDF Information (6.4 M)

For further information about Standard General Ledger (SGL) accounts and other accounting information that agencies reported to FACTS II, refer to Treasury Financial Manual Transmittal Letter No. S2 99-01. This guidance is available at www.fms.treas.gov/USSGL/FACTSII.

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