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Form for AFV Reporting in Compliance with E.O. 13031

(Dept or agency)_______________________________ AFV Acquisition Report for FY 19___

Converted   Leased   Purchased     Total     Total Stock
1 Total # of vehicles acquired xxxxxx        
2 Exempt as law-enforcement or national-security vehicles xxxxxx        
3 Exempt due to geographic placement xxxxxx        
4 EPAct "covered fleet" vehicles (line 1 - (line 2 + line 3) (No double-counting of vehicles in lines 2 and 3.) xxxxxx         
5 E85 flex-fuel vehicles           
6 Dedicated ethanol vehicles           
7 M85 flex-fuel vehicles          
8 Dedicated methanol vehicles          
9 CNG dual-fuel vehicles          
10 CNG dedicated vehicles          
11 LNG dual-fuel vehicles          
12 LNG dedicated vehicles          
13 Propane/LPG dual-fuel vehicles          
14 Propane/LPG dedicated vehicles          
15 Dimethyl ether dedicated vehicles          
16 Electric vehicles (dedicated) -- ZEV          
17 Hydrogen dedicated vehicles -- ZEV          
18 Credits claimed from medium-duty vehicle acquisitions (report separately)          
19 Credits claimed from heavy-duty vehicle acquisitions (report separately)          
20 Credits claimed from ZEV (hydrogen and electric) vehicle acquisitions          
21 Total AFVs and credits (sum of lines 5-20)          
22 AFV percentage of EPAct covered fleet acquisitions (line 21 ÷ line 4 × 100)


% % %  

Submitting official: ________________________________ Date: _________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________ e-mail: __________________________

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