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What's New Archives - July 1998

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The Briefing Room

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July 31, 1998

President Clinton Announces New GDP Numbers

July 30, 1998

President Clinton Celebrates American Heritage Rivers

July 29, 1998

President Clinton Speaks About Education Issues

July 28, 1998

President Clinton and Vice President Gore Honor Officer Jacob Chestnut and Detective John Gibson

July 27, 1998

President Clinton Speaks At A Forum On Social Security Reform

July 24, 1998

President Clinton Speaks To The Boys Nation Class of 1998

July 23, 1998

President Clinton Discusses Agricultural Issues During a Radio Press Conference

July 22, 1998

President Clinton Signs IRS Reform Act

President Clinton Announces New Grants To Fight Crime

July 21, 1998

President Announces Actions to Improve the Quality of Nursing Home

July 20, 1998

President Speaks about Promoting Discipline and Safety in Schools

July 17, 1998

President's Remarks at Girls Nation Event

July 16, 1998

President Clinton Calls On Congress To Pass A Patients' Bill of Rights

July 15, 1998

President's Remarks in Patients' Bill of Rights Roundtable

July 14, 1998

President's Remarks on the Year 2000 Computer Problem

July 13, 1998

President Kicks Off First Lady's National Treasures Tour

July 10, 1998

President Celebrates 200th Birthday of U.S. Marine Corps Band

President Presents Medal of Honor to Robert R. Ingram

July 09, 1998

President Launches National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign

July 08, 1998

Remarks by the President in PBS Dialogue on Race

President Clinton Announces New Handgun Safety Protections

July 07, 1998

Remarks Upon Signing an Executive Memorandum Order Supporting the Kassebaum Kennedy Law

July 06, 1998

President Clinton Speaks About Health Care Issues

July 02, 1998

Independence Day 1998

President Clinton Speaks About Environmental Issues in Guilin

July 01, 1998

President Clinton Speaks to Business Leaders in Shanghai

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