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Vice President's Livability Initiatives

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Livable Communities

Al Gore has worked to promote more livable communities across America -- places with good schools, safe streets, and healthy environments. Places where we not only protect historic old neighborhoods, but where farms, green spaces, and forests can add life and beauty to the newest of suburbs. Places where we can work competitively, and still spend less time in traffic and more time with our children, spouses, and neighbors.

To help communities build and grow according to their own best values, Al Gore has led the administration's Livable Communities Initiative.

This initiative is based on one fundamental principal - communities know best. Every community is different, and decisions about how they grow are best made by the communities themselves. The initiative is about enhancing the quality of our lives, keeping our prosperity, and building a stronger sense of community - and doing so in ways that respect local preferences and personal freedoms. It aims to help communities:

Preserve green spaces that promote clean air and clean water, sustain wildlife, and provide families with places to walk, play, and relax.

Ease traffic congestion by improving road planning, strengthening existing transportation systems, and expanding choices for alternative transportation. Restore a sense of community by fostering citizen and private sector involvement in local planning, including the placement of schools and other public facilities.

Promote collaboration among neighboring communities - cities, suburbs, or rural areas - to develop regional growth strategies and address common issues like crime.

Enhance economic competitiveness by nurturing a high quality of life that attracts well-trained workers and cutting edge industries.

The full Livable Communities Initiative is available at www.livablecommunities.gov

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