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Launch of Space Shuttle Discovery

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Office of Science and Technology Policy

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October 29, 1998 
    Statement by
    Neal Lane
    Assistant to the President for Science and Technology
    on Launch of Space Shuttle Discovery


    This is a proud day for America, and for our space program.

    Today's successful launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery and the return of John Glenn to space has reignited the sense of excitement and national purpose that is so much a part of our space program.

    Under President Clinton and Vice President Gore's leadership we have reinvigorated NASA as an agency positioned to meet the challenges of the next century.  Compared to 1991, we are now flying more space missions, at less cost, more frequently than ever before.  This Administration remains committed to NASA as an important investment in America's long-term scientific and technological future, providing down to earth benefits for all Americans.

    Science is an endless frontier, beckoning us always toward new knowledge.  Discovery crewmembers will conduct dozens of scientific experiments ranging from the inner realm of the human body to the study of the Sun.  Their work may lead to new techniques for delivering anti-tumor medications and a better understanding of how solar activity affects life on earth.

    Every shuttle launch underscores American ingenuity and technological know-how.  Today's launch also reminds us that what was great about America decades ago is still great about America today. The nationwide excitement surrounding today's lift-off proves that the frontier spirit is alive and well in America.

    Yesterday's possibilities are today's realities; and today's possibilities are tomorrow's promise. Let us keep our sights raised high in this age of possibilities.

Office of Science and Technology Policy
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