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This page is the authoritative source for the Credit Subsidy Calculator. The following materials are available.

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Software installation

To install the subsidy calculator:

  • Click here with the right mouse button.
  • When the menu appears, click on "Save ... as" option.
  • When the "Save as" dialog appears, choose a folder for downloading and click the "Save" button. Remember the name of the folder because you will need it later on. The "/media/exe/csci.exe" file holds the files needed for installation. It is not the subsidy calculator.
  • Switch to "explorer" or to a "command prompt," go to the folder where you saved "csci.exe," and run csci.exe. This will start the installation. You will be asked to choose a drive and folder for the installation of the Credit Subsidy Calculator.
  • While the installation program is running, you will have a couple of chances to cancel the installation program. Doing so is harmless. If you cancel the installation program, you can restart it by repeating the previous step only. (You do not need to download "/media/exe/csci.exe" again.)
  • When the installation is finished, the "/media/exe/csci.exe" file is no longer needed. You can delete it if you wish to save disk space.
  • The Credit Subsidy Calculator is now ready to be used.

When the installation process has finished, you can:

  • Click on the "start" button
  • Choose "programs"
  • Go to the "credit subsidy calculator" folder
  • Click on any of the following:
  • "credit subsidy calculator" to start the software
  • "installation notes" for a description of the software and sources of more information
  • "on-line manual" for direct access to the help files
  • "uninstall" to remove the software and related files from your system

You can re-install the software at any time without losing any data that you have created.

Reports by independent firms

Outside firms have verified the conformance of Credit Subsidy Calculator with the applicable standards and have tested for Y2K issues. Reports presenting the results of these efforts may be downloaded in PDF format.

Working papers

Working papers that describe the concepts and methods used by the CSC are available in PDF format:

Updates to the interest rate files (actual rates and budget assumptions)

If you wish to receive an email notification when new material becomes available, please fax your name, email address, and phone number to (202) 395-7230, attn "credit updates."

List of known defects and work-arounds

The dialog box to calculate the zero-subsidy borrower's rate does not work in some instances (reported on 12/9/99).

  • Description: The dialog box that calculates the zero-subsidy borrower's interest rate can be accessed from the "Actions" and "Select Rates" menu. This feature calculates the borrower's interest rate that provides a zero financing subsidy for a specific set of discount rates. When a document is open, this dialog box works fine. When no document is open (the screen is dark gray), the zero subsidy rate is not calculated after the "calculate" button is clicked.

  • Solution: Use this dialog box only when a document is open (cash flow estimates or subsidy calculations appear on your screen).

Files saved in ".123" format may produce a "file may be damaged" message in error (reported on 12/13/99).

  • Description: Spreadsheet files that are saved in ".123" format and have a chart may produce the following message "The spreadsheet file may be damaged or not in the format indicated by the extension." This message appears to result from the presence of a chart in the spreadsheet file and does not mean that your file is damaged. If you receive the "file may be damaged" message and do not have a chart in the file, please email a copy of the spreadsheet to william_menth@omb.eop.gov with any comments that might be helpful.

  • Solution: Avoid using charts if you save files in ".123" format. If you need to have a chart, please save the file in "wk4" format. The presence of a chart in the file does not appear to cause problems when the file is saved in "wk4" format.

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