List of Youth Stage Participants: ADA Anniversary Event (7/26/00)
List of youth stage participants:

Marques (pronounced Mark) Moore, age 28 from Bowling Green, KY, is
currently a student at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, TX,
and plans to pursue a career in public interest civil rights work. After
sustaining a spinal cord injury in a bull-riding accident in 1990, Marques
has become an active disability community advocate, including service on
the Kentucky Statewide Independent Living Council, advocating for
disability awareness, and counseling rehab patients throughout the United

Meira Kirschbaum, age 11, of Washington Grove in Montgomery County, MD, is
a deaf student in the sixth grade at the Maryland School for Deaf.  Meira
participates in various activities, including an integrated county sports
program.  Meira also enjoys reading and is fluent in American Sign
Language. One day, she hopes to become a veterinarian.

Lynn Amelia "Amy" Herstein, age 13, is an eighth grader at Don Logan Middle
School in Ellicott City, Maryland.  Amy, who is blind, is enrolled in
mainstream classes and also receives instruction to learn Braille.  Amy is
very active in her school, where she participates in the Choir, has worked
on a school television production, and gives the morning announcements to
the school over the loud speaker each day.

Mathew Cavedon, age 10 of Berlin, Connecticut, is entering the sixth grade
of McGee Middle School.  Mathew, who has a developmental disability, has
already become a leader in promoting accessibility and integration.  He
played an instrumental role in persuading the State of Maryland to create
Hadley's Playground located in Potomac, Maryland -- a one-acre
boundary-less playground accessible to children with and without

Anthony Thomas Adkins, age 26, of Arlington, VA, currently volunteers at
the Endependence Center, in Arlington, where he is helping to create an
online version of the center?s disability resource library.  Anthony has
cerebral palsy and presently lives in Arlington, VA, with his mother.  He
hopes to build on the experience and skills he is acquiring at the
Endependence Center to become more fully independent.

Aaron Kaufman, age 13 of Montgomery County, Chevy Chase, MD, is in the
seventh grade at North Bethesda Middle School.  His advocacy has led him to
help educate more than a dozen local synagogues about the dignity of
accessibility.  Aaron, who has a physical disability, and an older brother
who uses a wheelchair, excels in his school work and one day hopes to serve
in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Gwyn Hanley, age 11, is in the sixth grade at Woodley Hills Elementary
School in Fairfax, Virginia and has Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.
Due to the combination of her individual perseverance and her parents?
support and commitment, Gwyn has been able to enroll in mainstream classes
and, last year, made the Honor Roll.

Lurdes Graciela Davila, age 18, is a student with autism in an integrated
classroom at Edgewood High School in Edgewood, MD, and currently works at a
local McDonald's during her free time.  With the guidance of her mother and
father, and the assistance of her teachers and counselor, Lurdes is
planning to attend Belair Community College in Maryland after graduation.
Goyo Stinschfield, age 24, from Strong, Maine, is a student at the
University of Maine, where she majors in Rehabilitation Counseling and
Substance Abuse Studies.  Goyo, who uses a wheelchair, is very active in
youth leadership activities.

Alyssia Rodriguez, age 12, attends fourth grade at New York Public School
PS 199 in Manhattan, and will soon be featured in a public advertising
campaign created by UCP.  Alyssia, who has cerebral palsy, is included in a
regular reading class at her school, with the plan to transition to other
classes with her non-disabled classmates. She is active in her local
community and hopes to be the first woman president.

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