Joint Statement: U.S. - Russian Strategic Stability Cooperation Initiative
                              THE WHITE HOUSE

                       Office of the Press Secretary
                           (New York, New York)

For Immediate Release                           September 6, 2000

                              JOINT STATEMENT

                             U.S.  -  RUSSIAN

                            Implementation Plan

? Discussions of issues related to the threat of proliferation of missiles
and missile technologies

     The U.S. will brief Russia on the update of the National Intelligence
Estimate of the ballistic missile threat that has just been completed, and
Russia will provide its latest assessment.

? Cooperation in the area of Theater Missile Defense

The United States and Russia agreed to conduct a U.S.-Russian planning and
simulation exercise in February, 2001 at Colorado Springs, Colorado and a
U.S.-Russian field training exercise at Fort Bliss, Texas by late 2001 or
early 2002.  Planning meetings for the 2001 exercise will continue in
Moscow in September and November-December at the Joint National Test
Facility in Colorado Springs.  Joint TMD exercise expert talks will also
discuss the possibility of reciprocal invitation of observers to actual
firings of TMD systems.

? Early warning information

     By the end of this fall, the United States and Russia expect to begin
preparation of the Moscow site for the Joint Data Exchange Center (JDEC)
and begin renovation of the building that will house the center, as well as
begin drafting concept of operations and standard operating procedures
documents.  The United States and Russia intend to commence operations at
the JDEC in June of 2001, with full operations to begin in September 2001.
Regular meetings of working groups under the Joint Commission will take
place in coming months.

     The United States and Russia have agreed to set as an objective the
completion of a bilateral agreement on a pre-launch notification system for
launches of ballistic missiles and space launch vehicles by the APEC summit
in November, while also reaching agreement on how the system will be opened
up to the voluntary participation of all interested countries.  They will
meet to intensify negotiations in September.
 ? Missile Non-Proliferation measures

     The United States and Russia will work to reach consensus among MTCR
partners at the October 9-13 Plenary, as well as with other countries, on
plans for a global missile non-proliferation approach.

? Confidence and transparency-building measures

     Experts will meet this fall to review and approve additional warhead
safety and security issues for expanded cooperation related to the CTBT.
Experts will meet before the end of this year to consider expanded
cooperation in the area of computations, experiments and materials.
Experts in CTBT monitoring and verification will be scheduled to meet in
late 2000 or early 2001 to consider expanded cooperation in this area.


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