Telephone remarks by the President to Julia Carson for Congress Rally (10/7/00)
                              THE WHITE HOUSE

                       Office of the Press Secretary

Immediate Release                           October 7, 2000


                           Indoor Practice Field
                        Indianapolis Colts Complex
                           Indianapolis, Indiana

4:30 P.M. EDT

     THE PRESIDENT:  Let me say, first of all, I'm just sick I can't be
there.  But I think you know that for the last two days I'm been up day and
night, literally, I was up all night last night, because of the continuing
violence in the Middle East and the responsibility the United States has to
do everything we can to get things calmed down and get back to the peace
process.  Nothing else would keep me away.

     I want to say to all my friends in Indiana, you ought to be very proud
of Joe Andrew, he has done a great job with the DNC.  (Applause.)  And I
think I can speak for every Democrat outside Indiana, we are proud of Bart
Peterson and thrilled that he is the Mayor of Indianapolis.  (Applause.)

     I want to thank Governor Frank O'Bannon for working so closely with
me; and Lieutenant Governor Kernan and your Attorney General.  And I want
to tell you that I've known Evan Bayh since he replaced me as the youngest
governor in America, and he and Susan do you great credit in Washington
every single day.  I have no doubt that the future is unlimited for him.

     Most of all, I want to tell you that there is nobody in Congress I
like any better than Julia Carson.  She is one of a kind.  (Applause.)  And
when she kind of sidles into a room and takes a stand for education or
children or moving people from welfare and poverty into work, everybody
listens to her.  And she's acquired an unusual amount of influence in
Congress in a very short time because she deals with people so effectively
and she has such credibility and she's so compelling when she makes a
point.  I've just sort of learned to do what she asks me to do without her
having to argue it now.  (Laughter.)

     I'd like to just make a simple argument tonight in Indiana, because
you've got a lot of Republicans there, but the Democrats are doing better.
(Applause.)  Why are the Democrats doing better?  Because you deliver.  And
I just want to say to you that, you know, this is the first time in 26
years I haven't been on a ballot at election time.  So I'm telling you this
as a person who within a matter of four months will be like most of you out
there, just another American citizen.

     This country is in good shape.  We are moving in the right direction.
We are better off than we were eight years ago and we need to keep changing
in the right direction.  (Applause.)  That is the strongest argument for
why every election this year is important, every Senate seat, every House
seat, every governorship and, of course, most important of all, the
election for President and Vice President.

     Now, in Indiana, you've done well because people have seen you produce
results.  And I want you to go out there between now and election day and
ask everybody you know in Indiana and in the states bordering Indiana --
all of which are critical to our success -- to remember what it was like
eight years ago, look at what it's like now.  That's because we changed the
direction of the country.  We've got a better economic policy, a better
education policy, a better health care policy, a better environmental
policy, a better foreign policy.  And we need to keep changing in that

     And people need to understand that once in a lifetime, maybe once in
50 or 60 years a country gets a chance to do what we've got to do now, with
all this prosperity and progress and confidence; with no crisis at home and
no threat to our security abroad.  We've got a chance and a responsibility
to build the future of our dreams for our kids.  And we need to put in
office people who are committed to that.  Every voter needs to understand
there are real differences between our party and theirs, and our candidates
and theirs, starting at the top and going all the way through.

     We've got a different economic policy.  We want to keep paying down
the debt, give people a tax cut we can afford, to send their kids to
college, to save for retirement, for child care when they're working, for
long-term care when they've got their folks or disabled children living at
home with them.  But we've got to have enough money to invest in education
and pay down the debt.

     They offer everybody a bigger tax cut, but that and their
privatization of Social Security plan and their promise to suspend will put
us right back in deficits.  The Democratic Party is the fiscally
responsible party in America today, that will keep interest rates lower and
every American will have lower home mortgages, car payments, credit card
payments, college loan payments; businesses will borrow money for less, and
they'll create more jobs and higher incomes.

     If you want to keep this prosperity going, vote for the Democrats.
That's the message that you've got to get out there all over America.

     But if you look at all the other areas where we're different:  we're
for a real patients' bill of rights and they're not.  We're for a Medicare
prescription drug program that every senior who needs it can buy into on a
voluntary basis, and they only want to help half the people who need the
medicine.  Their plan won't work.  It has already been tried in one state,
and they keep on doing it.  It's wrong.  We are the party that wants to
help provide the medicine that our seniors need and deserve.  And every
American needs to understand that.
     Every American needs to understand that we are the party for smaller
class sizes and modern schools and after-school and summer school and
pre-school programs for the kids who need it, and a tax deduction to pay
for the cost of college tuition so that everybody's child can have four
years of college.  That's the Democratic Party and people need to know that
and I want you to help them know that.  (Applause.)

     And for all of you there, the most important thing I want you to do is
make sure Julia Carson wins an overwhelming reelection.  She's a wonderful
woman and a great Representative in Congress.  (Applause.)

     Thank you and God bless you all.  (Applause.)

                            END                  4:35 P.M. EDT

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