Executive Memorandum: Preservation of Japanese American Internment Sites (11/9./00)
                              THE WHITE HOUSE

                       Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release                            November 9, 2000

                         November 9, 2000


SUBJECT:            Preservation of Japanese American Internment Sites

The internment of Japanese Americans was a tragic episode in American
history.  The recent publication of the National Park Service report on the
condition of the former internment camp sites, coupled with our Fiscal Year
2001 budget initiative, will help focus attention and resources on
preserving the historical values of these sites.

The National Park Service report, entitled "Confinement and Ethnicity:  an
Overview of World War II Japanese American Relocation Sites," describes the
current condition of the internment camps and other relocation sites.  To
follow up on this report, I direct you to develop recommendations to
preserve the existing Japanese American internment sites and to provide
more opportunities for the public to learn about the internment.  These
recommendations should be developed within the next 60 days in consultation
with other Federal agencies, as appropriate.

I also direct you to consult with Members of Congress, States, tribes,
local officials, and other interested parties as you develop these
recommendations.  You should also consider expanding partnerships with
private organizations and landowners and explore the creation of an
interagency team to coordinate the work of Federal agencies.  Your
recommendations should include proposals for administrative and legislative
action to help preserve these sites, within existing budget resources.

                              WILLIAM J. CLINTON

                                 # # #

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