Statement by the President: Tokyo G-8 Meeting (7/20/00)
                              THE WHITE HOUSE

                       Office of the Press Secretary
                 (Aboard Air Force One en route to Japan)
     r Immediate Release                                July 20, 2000

                        STATEMENT OF THE PRESIDENT

At today's unprecedented meeting in Tokyo, G8 leaders met with leaders from
developing nations and representatives from the private sector and
international development institutions.  While I regret that I was unable
to participate, I look forward to hearing from Secretary Summers and my G8
colleagues about the discussion and working to ensure that everyone
benefits from the global economy.

Building on last year's Cologne Debt Initiative, the Okinawa Summit will
create a framework to fight infectious disease, increase access to basic
education, and expand opportunity through information technology.  Despite
a stronger global economy, too many people around the world live every day
without essential health care, basic literacy, or the opportunity to share
in the benefits of modern technology.  I am committed to continuing to work
closely with America's partners in the G8 and the developing world to
address these issues, reduce poverty, fight infectious disease, and
increase opportunity for all.


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