Fact Sheet: President Clinton and Vice President Gore: A remarkable Moment of Progress and Prosperity
                              August 15, 2000

Today, at Loranger Square in Monroe, Michigan, President Clinton and Vice
President Gore will discuss the remarkable progress America has made during
the Clinton-Gore Administration.  Eight years ago, President Clinton and
Vice President Gore put in place an agenda to get America back on its
economic feet while restoring the values of opportunity, responsibility and
community that made this country great. As a result of the hard work of the
American people and the tough choices of the last eight years, America has
made remarkable progress.  A sea of red ink has been turned into the
largest surplus in history, with the nation on track to pay off the debt by
2012 while strengthening Social Security and Medicare, expanding retirement
savings and increasing college opportunity.  Eight years ago, unemployment,
crime and poverty were all high, now they are at the lowest levels in a
generation.  Today, more Americans are working, children are receiving a
better education with high academic standards, our communities
 are cleaner and safer, and government now reinforces our national values
of work, family, service and community.

Monroe is a symbol of the progress and prosperity communities across the
nation are enjoying as a result of the Clinton/Gore Administration's
leadership.  The unemployment rate for Monroe County dropped from 8.8% in
1993 to 2.2% in May 2000.  The median household income in Monroe County
grew from $39,671 in 1993 to $49,068 in 1998, above the national average of
$46,737.  Since 1993, 607,800 new jobs have been created in Michigan -- an
average of 82,882 per year, compared to an average of just 22,125 jobs per
year during the previous Administration. Homeownership in Michigan has
increased from 72.6% to 76.5% since 1993.

Reversing the Deficit and Creating the Best Economy in a Generation.
President Clinton and Vice President Gore launched a new economic strategy
of fiscal discipline, strategic investments in the American people and
opening foreign markets so that American workers can compete abroad.  Their
1993 Economic Plan put us on a path of fiscal discipline that created the
conditions for the longest economic expansion in history:
?    The deficit was $290 billion in 1993 and expected to grow to $455
billion by this year.    Instead, we have a projected surplus of $211
billion and we are on track to pay off the    entire debt by 2012.
?    22 million jobs have been created in under eight years.
?    Unemployment has dropped from more than 7 percent in 1993 to just 4
percent today.
?    Inflation has averaged 2.5 percent, the lowest rate since the Kennedy
?    The homeownership rate is the highest on record.
?    Economic gains have been made across the spectrum as incomes are up
for all        Americans, and poverty rates for African American families
and single mothers are the    lowest ever recorded.

Ending Welfare the Right Way. President Clinton and Vice President Gore
have transformed the welfare system to one that moves families from welfare
to work, but they refused to do so in a way that punished children.  They
rejected two punitive welfare reform bills before signing the bipartisan
1996 Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act, which removed
barriers that keep people trapped in the welfare system and provided
incentives like job training, expanded child care and increased child
support enforcement to help them go to work.  Because of these efforts:
?    Welfare rolls have been cut in half - from over 14 million people in
1993 to less than 7      million today - to the lowest level since 1968.
?    The number of welfare recipients moving to work has increased by 82
?    Federal and state child support collections have doubled from $8
billion in 1993 to $16   billion last year.
?    Investments in child care have doubled and now help parents provide
care for 1.5 million     children.

Giving Every Child a Quality Education. President Clinton and Vice
President Gore launched a revolution in public education with standards and
accountability at the core.  Their Goals 2000 initiative gave states
assistance and encouragement to adopt high standards and require
accountability.  Clinton-Gore budgets have doubled investment in education
and training by focusing on things that work, like charter schools, teacher
quality, smaller class size, after-school and Head Start.  And they
launched the largest expansion of college opportunity since the GI Bill.
Their strategy has delivered results:
?    In 1992, just 19 states had any sort of academic standards at all.
Today, 49 states have    adopted rigorous standards for core curriculum
subjects and standards-based       assessments as a result of Goals 2000.
?    Their initiative to hire 100,000 quality teachers is reducing class
size to 18 students in   lower grades.
?    Reading and math scores have increased, SAT college entrance scores
are up and the      number of students taking AP exams has increased by
?    The number of charter schools has increased from just 1 in 1993 to
over 1,700 today.
?    Nearly 900,000 children benefit from higher-quality Head Start
?    New HOPE Scholarships and Lifetime Learning Tax Credits help 10
million students pay     higher education costs.

Tough and Smart Anti-Crime Policy is Reducing Crime Rates. President
Clinton and Vice President Gore implemented a crime strategy that
emphasized both tough anti-crime laws and smart prevention measures.  Their
1994 Crime Bill enacted "three strikes and you're out," mandatory minimum
penalties, and more money for prisons and prosecutors as well as a ban on
assault weapons, a commitment to fund 100,000 community police officers and
a historic response to violence against women.  They fought for and signed
the Brady Bill, and they have worked with states and local governments to
increase total gun crime prosecutions by 22 percent since 1992. As a result
of their tough and smart strategy:
?    The Brady Law has prevented 500,000 fugitives, felons and stalkers
from purchasing     weapons.
?    Gun-related crime has dropped 35 percent since 1992.
?     Crime rates have declined for 8 consecutive years - the longest
continuous drop on  record .
?    The violent crime rate has dropped 25 percent since 1993 after
quadrupling during the   previous three decades.
?    More than 20 percent fewer women are abused and assaulted by an
intimate partner    than in 1992.

Better Health Care for All Americans
President Clinton and Vice President Gore have taken historic steps to
improve access to quality health care.  They have cracked down on waste,
fraud and abuse in Medicare while expanding the program to include
important preventive services like mammograms, cancer screenings and
diabetes management.  They proposed and signed the Children's Health
Insurance Program, the largest expansion children's health insurance in 35
years, and took meaningful steps that allow workers keep their health
insurance when changing jobs, ended drive-through deliveries, and protect
the health care coverage of disabled Americans moving into the workforce.
They also paved the way for new medical breakthroughs by increasing funding
for biomedical research by 73 percent over the last eight years.  As a
result of these steps:
?    Medicare is expected to remain solvent until at least 2027.  When
President Clinton and    Vice President Gore took office, it was expected
to become insolvent in 1999.
?    Over $50 billion in fraud and waste have been eliminated from
?    The State Children's Health Insurance program is providing coverage
for more than 2.0   million uninsured children.
?    85 million Americans in federal health programs have meaningful
patient protections.
?    The National Institutes of Health invested $18 billion this year to
support the highest level     of research ever on nearly all types of
diseases and conditions.

Improving the Environment and the Economy
President Clinton and Vice President Gore set out to prove that America
could have a strong economy and a cleaner environment.  Since 1993, they
have invested in a sensible approach of new technologies, tougher
enforcement of environmental laws and protecting our irreplaceable national
treasures.  They proposed and signed the Safe Drinking Water Act in 1996 to
ensure that families have safe, clean tap water and proposed the strongest
clean air standards in history to reduce smog and soot.  As a result of
their efforts:
?    The number of people with safe drinking water has increased from 196
million in 1993 to  230 million today.
?    43 million more Americans live in communities meeting clean air
?    This Administration has cleaned up more than three times as many
Superfund toxic     waste sites in their 8 years as the previous two
Administrations did in 12 years.
?    The Clinton-Gore Administration has protected more land in the lower
48 states than any  Administration since Theodore Roosevelt, including red
rock canyons in Utah, giant   sequoias in California, and the North Rim of
the Grand Canyon.

Helping Families Succeed on the Job and at Home
President Clinton and Vice President Gore came to office at a time when
many middle class families were struggling to balance the pressures of work
and family.  While the previous administration vetoed the Family and
Medical Leave Act twice, the Clinton-Gore Administration made the Family
and Medical Leave Act the first law it signed in 1993.  The Clinton-Gore
Administration also worked to pass common-sense health care reforms to
guarantee coverage for workers who change jobs.  And they have won
important victories for children and families including signing a $500
child tax credit, a $1 per hour increase in the minimum wage, expanding the
Earned Income Tax Credit, enacting the largest expansion of health
insurance for children ever, and creating incentives for adoption and
foster care.  As a result of these victories:
?    The child poverty rate has dropped by 16 percent since 1993 to the
lowest rate since   1980.
?    Millions of American families have taken time off to care for a new
child or sick relatives.
?    Teen pregnancy rates have dropped by 20 percent to the lowest level
since record   keeping began 60 years ago.
?    Child immunization rates are at an all-time high, with 90 percent of
toddlers receiving  crucial vaccinations.
?    Adoptions increased 29 percent between 1996 and 1998.
?    The tax burden on middle class families has dropped to 22.8 percent,
the lowest          middle-class tax burden since 1978.

Strengthening the Value of Service
President Clinton and Vice President Gore promised to return America to the
values of responsibility and community that made it great.  In 1993, the
President signed the National and Community Service Trust Act, which
created AmeriCorps.  Since then:
?    Over 150,000 Americans have participated in AmeriCorps, serving
thousands of        communities while earning money for education.
?    Volunteers of all ages have helped more than a million children
receive immunizations,   tutored over 4 million young people in reading and
math skills and built thousands of       homes.

Leading the Quest for Peace and Democracy
President Clinton and Vice President Gore have made America a force for
world peace and global democracy. Our troops remain the best-trained,
best-equipped and most effective fighting force, and the United States has
succeeded in opening foreign markets to American good throughout the world.
The global leadership of the Clinton-Gore Administration has resulted in:
?    Diplomatic efforts that have restored democracy to Haiti, ended
hostilities in Northern  Ireland and made historic strides toward peace in
the Middle East and Bosnia.
?    Leading the NATO alliance to victory in Kosovo.
?    Nearly 300 market opening trade agreements to expand markets for
American goods      and create jobs for American workers.
?    Reduced threats to American security because of the deactivation of
nearly 5,000   nuclear warheads from the former republics of the Soviet
Union and ratification of          START II and the Chemical Weapons


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