What's New Archives: 1994-1996

What's New Archives:
October 1994 - October 1996

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October 26

NetDay '96 -- The President's Educational Technology Initiative

October 12 Fall 1996 White House Gardens and Grounds Tours
August 19 Happy Birthday to President Clinton
July 22 Child Support Enforcement Web Site
July 19

Contribute to the National Action Agenda

July 3

4th of July 1996 -- The Nation celebrates its 220th birthday.

February 27 The Federal Election Commission's New WWW Server
February 20 America's Technology Literacy Challenge
February 16

The 1996 Economic Report of the President

The President's Proposed 1997 Federal Budget

National African American History Month, 1996

February 14 The National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council
February 8 Today we celebrate 24 Hours in Cyberspace
January 23 The President's State of the Union Address

December 19

Christmas at the White House

December 12 The President Releases His 7 Year Plan to Balance the Budget
December 1 1995 Holiday Greetings from the President and Mrs. Clinton
November 28

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) announces the opening of its official home page

November 8

United States Trade Representative

November 7 Remarks by President Clinton at the Funeral of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin
October 24

President Clinton's Address to the Gathering of World Leaders at the Special Commemorative Meeting for the UN 50th Anniversary (GIF image, 176kb)

October 23 The United States Senate Presents Their New WWW Page
October 19 The White House Fellows program unveils their new page
October 5

President Clinton Launches Tech Corps

October 2 The Commodity Futures Trading Commission opens their new Internet service
September 29 The Securities and Exchange Commission unveils their new service
September 19 The National Security Science and Technology Strategy
September 13 The Office of Science and Technology Policy's New Home Page
September 12 The Department of Labor's New WWW Service
September 7 Hillary Rodham Clinton's Remarks for the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing, China
September 1 Global Microbial Threats in the 1990's
August 30 Office of National Drug Control Policy
August 16 Remarks by the President at the Unveiling of the Bush Portraits
August 1 The Corporation For National Service
July 26

Rebuilding America for a New Era

The Empowerment Community Home Page

July 24 The Affirmative Action Review Report to the President
July 19 National Economic Council
July 11 White House Forum on the Role of Science and Technology in Promoting National Security and Global Stability
July 10 Federal Aviation Administration
July 6

United Nations Celebrates 50th Anniversary

July 4 Linking the cities of the United States for the 4th of July
June 27 The President's Council on Sustainable Development
June 26

Acquisition Reform Net

The Social Security Administration On Line

June 21

The President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board

The National Security Agency

June 9 The White House Conference on Small Business
June 5 President Clinton's Address at Air Force Academy Graduation
May 22 United States National Information Infrastructure Virtual Library
May 18 Remarks By The President During "A Time of Healing" Prayer Service (April 23, 1995)
May 12 Federal Trade Commission
May 10 President Clinton's address at Michigan State University's Spring 1995 Convocation
May 9 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
May 5 The Peace Corps
May 4

White House Collection of American Crafts

U.S. International Trade Commission

May 2 National Endowment for the Humanities
April 25 U.S. Information Agency
April 20 The American Red Cross
April 19 U.S. Agency for International Development
February 8 1995 State of the Union Address

December 1

Christmas 1994 at the White House

November 23

Twentieth Century American Sculpture at the White House

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