National Dialogue on Jobs and Trade Day Events, November 10, 1999


National Dialogue on Jobs and Trade Day
Events in Coordination with President Clinton's Visit to York, Pennsylvania
November 10, 1999

Today, President Clinton will participate in "National Dialogue on Jobs and Trade Day" by travelling to York, Pennsylvania to tour a Harley-Davidson motorcycle plant. The President will participate in a roundtable discussion with workers, management, and Commerce Secretary William Daley. Following the roundtable, the President will address more than two thousand company workers on building a new consensus on trade between all Americans -- labor and management, government and industry, community leaders, and ordinary citizens. In addition to the President's event, "National Dialogue on Jobs and Trade Day" will include 15 other similar events and more than 200 smaller events around the nation.

COMPANY PARTICIPATION: A number of events hosted by President's Export Council members (a group of industry and labor leaders who advise the President on trade issues) are highlighted below:

  • AT&T - C. Michael Armstrong, CEO of AT&T and Chairman of the President's Export Council, and Jim Irvine of the Communication Workers of America will be meeting with a group of AT&T workers at their headquarters in Basking Ridge, NJ.
  • Boeing - Phil Condit, CEO of Boeing and Bill Johnson, the vice-president of the Machinists Union (IAM) will be meeting with Boeing workers in Seattle, WA.
  • Delta Air Lines / BellSouth - Leo Mullin, CEO of Delta Air Lines and Duane Ackerman, CEO of BellSouth, will be meeting with workers from both companies at Delta Air Lines Cargo facility in Atlanta, GA. Joining them will be Secretary of Transportation Rodney Slater, Special Envoy Buddy MacKay, Georgia Governor Roy Barnes and Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell.
  • Cargill - Ernie Micek, Chairman of Cargill, will host a conversation with Cargill workers at their headquarters in Wayzata, MN. At least five other locations will be connected by videoconference, including Blair, NE; Eddyville, IA; Wichita, KS; Chicago, IL; and Wahpeton, ND.
  • Monsanto - Arnold Donald, President of Monsanto's Nutrition Division, will host a Brown-Bag lunch with workers at their headquarters in St. Louis, MO. This lunch will also be broadcast to a number of other Monsanto locations around the country. Asst. Secretary of Commerce Michael Copps will be joining Arnold Donald at this event.

OTHER CEO/WORKER MEETINGS ON TRADE: In addition, the following CEOs will also be meeting with workers at these companies throughout the day or participating in trade-related events (Administration Officials will be participating in these events as noted): Susan Corrales-Diaz, Systems Integrated (San Diego, California); Gregory Craig, Cook Inlet Energy Supply (Los Angeles, California); William Crowell, Cylink and David Aaron, Under Secretary of Commerce (Sunnyvale, CA); Jonathan Tisch, Loews Hotels (New York, NY); Joe Gorman, TRW (Virtually linked to Cookeville, TN); Mayor Charles Womack attending; Bill Steere, Pfizer and Robert Mallett, Deputy Secretary of Commerce (New York, NY); Sy Sternberg, New York Life Insurance (Orlando, FL).

OTHER TRADE-RELATED EVENTS FEATURING ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS: The following senior Administration Officials are participating in other trade-related events around the nation throughout the day: Secretary Summers, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Fall Meeting, Washington, DC; SBA Administrator Alvarez, Small Business Exporting Conference, Rockville, MD; Under Secretary Baker, Trade in Environmental Technologies events, (TBD); Commerce Deputy Under Secretary Biel, Northern Ohio/Southern Ohio DEC Conference, Dayton, OH; Commerce Deputy Assistant Secretary Cribb, Roundtable at Philadelphia College of Textiles, Philadelphia.The following local officials are also participating in trade-related events: Mayor Dennis Archer (Detroit, MI); Mayor Jesse Norwood (Prichard, AL); Mayor Miguel Pulido (Santa Ana, CA); Mayor Edward Rendell (Philadelphia, PA).

Other Trade-Related Activities On November 10

  • A number of major companies will produce communications to be distributed by e-mail, video, etc. for the use of workers and others on November 10. These include companies such as Warner-Lambert, Motorola, Farmland, Procter and Gamble, Caterpillar, Champion International, Hewlett-Packard, Eastman Kodak and United Technologies. In addition, a number of VTM Schools from around the country that have been associated with the President's Export Council VTM program will hold special programs on November 10 focusing on trade and approximately 200 members of our District Export Councils (DEC) and clients of U.S. Export Assistance Centers (USEAC) have agreed to participate in the day in some way - either through CEO/Employee discussions or through internal communications.

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