Tuesday, October 14, 1997

Today on the Trip
Tuesday, October 14, 1997

Brasilia, Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Today, President Clinton is formally welcomed to Brazil by President Cardoso at an official ceremony at Planalto Palace. After the ceremony, Presidents Clinton and Cardoso will hold a series of official meetings to discuss a range of security, economic, environmental and other policy issues. After their meetings, the Presidents will hold a joint press conference at Alvarado Palace. President Clinton will end his official day meeting with Ambassador Levitsky, Secretary of State Albright, the First Lady, and members of the American Embassy Staff in Brasilia.

Arrival Ceremony
Bilateral Meetings with President Cardoso
Joint Press Conference
Meet and Greet with American Embassy Staff

Arrival Ceremony
Planalto Palace

President Clinton will be formally welcomed to Brazil by President Cardoso on the grounds outside Planalto Palace before moving indoors for official meetings.

Presidents Clinton and Cardoso are expected to discuss ways to enhance our already strong partnership for regional and global security, and to advance our common agenda on democracy, crime and poverty alleviation as our two nations look forward to the Santiago Summit of the Americas next spring.

Brazil has been a key player in UN peacekeeping efforts in Mozambique and Angola, and has played a role in UNPROFOR in Bosnia. Additionally, Brazil is host to the Peru-Ecuador border dispute resolution talks.

Bilateral Meetings with President Cardoso Planalto Palace

Presidents Clinton and Cardoso will meet privately in the Qualiencia Room of Planalto Palace before moving to an expanded meeting in the Palace,s meeting room. In both meetings the two Presidents are expected to discuss Brazil,s increased regional and global security role and the common agenda shared by the U.S. and Brazil to promote democracy and to combat crime and poverty through the expansion of educational opportunity.

President Cardoso is a determined advocated of educational reform as a key tool for addressing poverty, unemployment and disparity in Brazil.

The two Presidents are also expected to address environmental protection.

Joint Press Conference and Signing with President Cardoso
Alvarado Palace Garden

Following their morning meetings, Presidents Clinton and Cardoso will travel to Alvarado Palace for a joint press conference that will include opening statements.

Meet and Greet with American Embassy Staff United States Embassy

Following remarks by Ambassador Levitsky and Secretary of State Albright and the First Lady, The President will speak briefly before the American Embassy staff.

The United States was the first nation to establish an Embassy in the newly created city of Brasilia. President Eisenhower laid the cornerstone in February 1960. There are about 110 American employees with 150 family members at this post, and 240 Brazilian national employees.

Following his remarks, The President and First Lady will depart for Sao Paulo. Following their arrival at the Sao Paulo International Airport the President and First Lady will travel to the Sheraton Hotel where they will rest for the evening.

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