Today -November 22nd

The President will attend church services at the Yongsan Air Base. Following services, the President will depart for the Korean Training Center (KTC). The KTC is a Multi-Purpose Range Complex facility near the Demilitarized Zone where both American and Korean troops stand guard. The complex supports a multitude of combat vehicles and equipment, including Apache attack helicopters, M-1 Abrams tanks, and Bradley Fighting Vehicles. At KTC, the President will visit with troops and share a MRE ("Meals-Ready-to-Eat") lunch.

The President will next travel to Osan Air Force Base to address base personnel and their families. Osan Air Base, named after the village six miles north of the base site, is located 45 miles south of Seoul, Korea. It was established in late 1952 during the Korean War. Four villages were relocated to provide the land Osan now occupies. Originally called K-55, Osan is the only base in Korea built by American forces.

The land on and surrounding Osan has a claim to fame in military history. Many hotly contested battles were fought here during the Korean war. It was just a few miles north of here that United States forces first engaged enemy forces in ground combat during the summer of 1950. The 314th Air Division headquarters building is located at the base of Hill 180, site of a bloody bayonet charge.

Prior to becoming an airbase, an Army regiment was housed here. An advance party of the 18th Fighter Bomber Wing was the first to arrive at Osan, setting the stage for full-scale air operations to support ground forces during the war. The village of Chap Pong Nee was relocated to make room for the Fifth Air Force.

The President stays in Seoul Sunday night before departing for Washington, DC via Guam Monday morning.

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