Fall 1999

Welcome to the fall 1999 issue of Inside the White House, a newsletter designed to introduce you to some of the interesting people, places, and events in our nation's capital. In this issue, you will meet a few of the people who work in the Executive Office of the President at the White House.

Have you ever wondered about what it might be like to be the Chief of Staff at the White House? Or have you ever wondered who delivers all of the messages from the President to Congress? Maybe you've wished to sit outside the Oval Office and greet the people who come in for important meetings, or to have your picture taken with the President by a White House photographer. You even might have wished to be the President's Press Secretary and answer questions on television. On the following pages, you will meet some of the people who have these jobs and who help me do the work of the American people.

I hope you will continue your interest in our nation's government. There is much more to learn, and you can visit your local library to find out more information. Study hard in school, and maybe one day you will become a member of the White House staff!

Bill Clinton

Fall 1999


Meet Chief of Staff, John Podesta

Meet Executive Clerk, Tim Saunders

Meet Personal Secretary, Betty Currie

Meet White House Photographer, Sharon Farmer

Meet Press Secretary, Joe Lockhart

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