White House at Work July 1999

clear pixelJuly 30, 1999 Promoting Stability for Southeast Europe
clear pixelJuly 28, 1999 Challenging Congress to Invest More in Education
clear pixelJuly 27, 1999 Protecting the Health of America's Women
clear pixelJuly 26, 1999 Calling on Congress to Pass the Work Incentives Improvement Act
clear pixelJuly 22, 1999 Highlighting the Need for a Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit
clear pixelJuly 20, 1999 Working to Improve Teacher Quality and Reduce Class Size
clear pixelJuly 20, 1999 Issuing a Call to Action to the American Legal Community
clear pixelJuly 16, 1999 Highlighting the Need to Invest in School Construction and Modernization
clear pixelJuly 15, 1999 Working to Protect Children From Gun Violence
clear pixelJuly 14, 1999 Taking Executive Action to Help Working Families
clear pixelJuly 13, 1999 Urging Congress to Address the Challenges Facing Medicare
clear pixelJuly 12, 1999 Improving Preventive Benefits in Medicare
clear pixelJuly 9, 1999 Calling on Congress to Pass a Strong, Enforeable Patients' Bill of Rights
clear pixelJuly 2, 1999 Celebrating the Return of the American Bald Eagle
clear pixelJuly 1, 1999 Commemorating the Preservation of our Charters of Freedom

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