August 5, 1998: A Domestic Agenda for the 21st Century


Because of the progress we have made, America is in a golden moment of prosperity. Now we must take the lead in meeting America's big challenges as we approach the 21st Century.

President Bill Clinton
August 5, 1998

Today, President Clinton addresses the House Democratic Caucus on the legislative issues that remain during the last weeks of the second session of the 105th Congress. The President will discuss his domestic agenda: Saving Social Security First, A Patients' Bill of Rights, Education and Safe Schools, and Protecting the Environment.

Saving Social Security First. Five years ago today, Congress passed, without a single Republican vote, the President's 1993 Economic plan, which cut the deficit, helping to lower interest rates, raise business investment, and create a cycle of economic activity that has helped turn a $290 billion deficit in 1992 to the first budget surplus in 30 years. The President's first priority is to reserve every penny of that surplus until Social Security is reformed and strengthened. The President supports targeted tax cuts, which are fully paid for and do not spend any of the surplus, but would oppose any tax reductions that spend surplus dollars until Social Security is put on a sound footing.

A Patients' Bill Of Rights. President Clinton urges Congress to pass a Patients' Bill of Rights that includes:

Investing In Education, Investing In Our Children. The President is calling on Congress to support his proposals to hire 100,000 new teachers, reduce class sizes, and build or modernize 5,000 schools nationwide. The President strongly opposes House Republican legislation that would reduce the access youth have to summer jobs, tutors, and after-school programs, and is asking Congress to support his efforts to improve our educational system so our children are taught in a world-class learning environment that gives them every opportunity to gain the knowledge they will need in the 21st Century.

The President Stands Firm For America's Working Families. Congress has yet to send a single Appropriations Bill to the President for his signature. The President has said that:

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