May 22, 1997

Education Town Hall Meeting


Today President Clinton travels to Clarksburg, West Virginia for his first town meeting in nearly two years, focussed on education -- in particular his call for every state to adopt high national standards in reading and math:

The President will announce that West Virginia Governor Underwood, along with the State Board of Education and State Superintendent, are endorsing the President's call for national standards and tests in 4th grade reading and 8th grade math.

The President will also announce that Massachusetts and the National Alliance of Business are endorsing the President's standards proposal -- joining the growing national movement for standards.


Yesterday, at a White House Drug Summit with the U.S. Conference of Mayors, President Clinton pressed his fight against illegal drugs:

The President released a one-year progress report on his strategy to fight the increasingly popular and deadly drug methamphetamine. The report shows that seizures of meth labs are up 170% in just one year, and that usage is down in key western cities -- dropping between 7 and 52% in 8 of the 10 cities where use had been skyrocketing.

The President announced new Treasury Department actions to crack down on drug-related money laundering: requiring check cashers and other money services to register with the Treasury Department, requiring more businesses to report suspicious activity, and requiring that overseas transfers of more than $750 be reported to law enforcement.

The President called on the fashion industry to stop selling clothes by glamorizing heroin addiction -- to send a message to young people that drugs are wrong, illegal, and deadly.


Tuesday at the White House, the President joined with large and small business leaders to kick-off a new Welfare-to-Work Partnership, to help meet the goal of moving 1,000,000 more people from welfare to private sector jobs over the next four years:

Headed by United Airlines CEO Gerry Greenwald, the Partnership is comprised of 105 companies, who will recruit a total of 1,000 companies over the next six months to hire people off welfare.

To remove barriers for those moving from dependence to independence, the President announced seed grants to 24 states to develop transportation plans to help people get to where the jobs are. The President's new transportation legislation provides $600 million to help states and local communities put these plans into action.

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