WORKING TO Strengthen Cybersecurity

"We know that we have to keep cyberspace open and free. We have to make, at the same time, computer networks more secure and resilient, and we have to do more to protect privacy and civil liberties. And we're here to work together."

President Bill Clinton
Wednesday, February 16, 2000

Today, at the White House, President Clinton and members of his Cabinet met with leaders of Internet and e-commerce companies, civil liberties organizations, and security experts to announce actions aimed at strengthening Internet and computer network security. The President announced immediate steps the government will take to enhance security for our nation's computer systems, and industry executives declared their intention to create an information-sharing mechanism to better respond to cyberattacks.

Strengthening Cybersecurity through Public-Private Partnership. Last month, President Clinton released the National Plan for Information Systems Protection, the first-ever national strategy for protecting the nation's computer networks from deliberate attacks. Building on that progress, today's meeting resulted in a joint announcement of actions that will be taken to protect the Internet and computer networks from cyberattack: