What's New Archives - December 1998

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December 29, 1998

President Clinton Announces New Initiative To Help Prevent Violence

December 28, 1998

President Clinton's Remarks at Social Security and Y2K Event

December 23, 1998

President Clinton Announces New Housing Grants

December 21, 1998

President Clinton's Remarks at Tenth Anniversary of Pan Am 103 Disaster

President Clinton Speaks At A Service Event in Washington, D.C.

December 19, 1998

President Clinton Announces End of Operation Desert Fox

Statements by the President, the Vice President, Congressman Richard Gephardt,
and Chief of Staff John Podesta

December 17, 1998

President Clinton Discusses The Air Strikes Against Iraq

December 16, 1998

President Clinton's Statement on Air Strike Against Iraq

December 14, 1998

President Clinton Addresses The Palestinian National Council

President Clinton Addresses The People Of Israel

December 11, 1998

Statement by the President from the Rose Garden

President Clinton Announces New Relief Aid For Central America

December 10, 1998

President Clinton's Remarks at Presentation of Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Awards

December 09, 1998

President Clinton Honors General Benjamin Davis

December 08, 1998

Submission by Counsel for President Clinton to the Committee
on the Judiciary of the United States House of Representatives

President Clinton's Opening Remarks at the White House Conference

December 07, 1998

President Clinton Announces Efforts to Combat Medicare Fraud

December 04, 1998

President Clinton and Vice President Gore: More Than 17 Million New Jobs,
Unemployment at a Generational Low

President Clinton Discusses The Earned Income Tax Credit

December 03, 1998

President Clinton Announces New Standards and Grants for Safe Drinking Water

December 02, 1998

President Clinton's Statement After Congressional Meeting

December 01, 1998

President Clinton's Remarks at World AIDS Day Event


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