Background on the Clinton/Gore Administration's Community Development Record

November 4, 1999

TODAY'S ANNOUNCEMENTS BUILD ON PRESIDENT CLINTON'S AND VICE PRESIDENT GORE'S SIX-YEAR RECORD OF PROMOTING GROWTH AND OPPORTUNITY IN AMERICA'S COMMUNITIES. Since 1993, President Clinton and Vice President Gore have been committed to tapping the potential of America's urban and rural communities. They have a demonstrated record of creating new initiatives and expanding existing initiatives to promote community and economic development. The Clinton-Gore Administration has worked with the private sector, states, and localities to help revitalize America's communities by bringing capital, jobs, and opportunity to distressed areas and cleaning up the urban environment. President Clinton and Vice President Gore have created or expanded the following initiatives over the last six years:

Helping to Bring Private Enterprise and Capital to Distressed Areas. The Clinton-Gore Administration has re-newed the commitment of the Federal government to help bring private enterprise into underserved communities and improve access to capital for low-income households, minorities, and traditionally underserved borrowers.

Helping to Bring Jobs and Opportunity to Distressed Areas. A cornerstone of the Administration's community empowerment agenda is helping to bring jobs and opportunity back to distressed areas:

Cleaning Up the Urban Environment through Brownfields Redevelopment. The Clinton-Gore Administration has launched a landmark effort, including the Brownfields Tax Incentive, to clean up and redevelop Brownfields sites. In total, the Brownfields action agenda has marshaled funds to clean up and redevelop up to 5,000 properties, leveraging between $5 billion and $28 billion in private investment and creating and supporting 196,000 jobs.

PRESIDENT CLINTON AND VICE PRESIDENT GORE ARE BUILDING ON THEIR PAST ACHIEVEMENTS THROUGH A NUMBER OF NEW INITIATIVES THIS YEAR. While Americans are enjoying the fruits of our strong economy, we still need to do more to improve conditions in underserved urban and rural communities and connect these communities to the economic mainstream. To address this need, President Clinton and Vice President Gore are working on several fronts:

The New Markets Initiative. President Clinton's FY 2000 balanced budget provides a new initiative designed to create the conditions for economic success by prompting approximately $15 billion in new investment in urban and rural areas through:

Additional Initiatives Designed to Improve Conditions In Underserved Rural & Urban Communities: President Clinton and Vice-President Gore have proposed the expansion or establishment of the following additional initiatives designed to create the conditions for economic success by encouraging new investment in urban and rural areas:


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