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Last updated: November 21, 2000

The following materials are available.

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Software installation

Reports by independent firms

Outside firms have verified the conformance of the Credit Subsidy Calculator (CSC) with the applicable standards and have tested for Y2K issues. Reports presenting the results of these efforts may be downloaded in PDF format.

Working papers

Working papers that describe the concepts and methods used by the CSC are available in PDF and HTML format:

Updates to the interest rate files (actual rates and budget assumptions)

If you wish to receive an email notification when new material becomes available, please fax your name, email address, and phone number to (202) 395-7230, attn "credit updates."

The "basket-of-zeros" rates are in a data file named "rates.txt" that may be found in the same folder as the CSC. Periodically, this rate file must be updated. Updates may be downloaded from this web site. Update announcements will be sent by email to all who have sent in their email address to the FAX number above.

The most recent similar maturity rates for completed fiscal years (1992-present) are included in the rate file and may be viewed online.

List of known defects and work-arounds

Files saved in ".123" format may produce a "file may be damaged" message in error (reported on 12/13/99).

Privacy Statement

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