Presidential Remarks

Presidential Remarks

"[I]f somebody said to me today, well, Mr. President, your time is up on this Earth and you're not going to get to finish, but we'll give you one wish. I wouldn't wish for the continued economic expansion; I wouldn't wish for even giving everybody health insurance, or anything. I'd wish to make America One America, because the American people will figure out how to solve everything else, if we can have the right kind of relations toward one another." From remarks made by President Bill Clinton at the U.S. Conference of Mayors Breakfast Reception held January 28, 2000.

Presidential Remarks

Conference on Hate Crimes

Outreach Meeting

Remarks By The President at Ecumenical Breakfast

President with Tom Joyner's Morning Show

Candlelight Vigil Honoring the Little Rock Nine

Race Advisory Board Meeting

Addressing Students and Others of the Akron Community

Town Hall Meeting on the Initiative

PIR Town Hall Meeting

The American Society Of Newspaper Editors

86th Annual Holy Convocation

Affirmative Action

On Race Relations

40th Anniversary of the Desegregation of Central High

National Association of Black Journalists

Remarks at NAACP Convention

Apology For Study Done in Tuskegee

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