One America - Diversity and Unlearning Prejudice Program

Program: Diversity and Unlearning Prejudice Program, Los Angeles, CA
Contact(s): John Hill, Affirmative Action Compliance Officer: (213) 974-1080
Purpose: To assist county employees in dealing with issues of intolerance

Background Program Operations Outcomes


The County of Los Angeles employs a work force of 85,000 employees responsible for providing effective, sensitive, and culturally relevant government services to a diverse service population. The Diversity and Unlearning Prejudice program trains County employees to recognize the value of diversity in the workforce. It has three main objectives: 1.) to respond and mitigate inter-group diversity conflicts in the workplace; 2.) to provide all employees with knowledge and information through training sessions on diversity; and, 3.) convene small focus group discussions of 20 employees to address inter-group conflict issues.

Program Operations

The Diversity and Unlearning Prejudice Program consists of a four-hour training session that increases awareness, identifies the impact of culture in the work environment, and identifies behaviors that value diversity. Diversity focus groups are used to address work place race-related issues and to enhance participants' self-awareness and appreciation for diversity. To respond to workplace inter-group diversity conflicts, a county-wide "Impact Team" process has been established that enables departments to seek assistance from others knowledgeable in conflict resolution, multi-cultural issues, and civil rights laws.

Outcomes and Significant Accomplishments

To date, more than 5,000 county employees have been trained in the Diversity and Unlearning Prejudice Program. Over the course of the next two years, 23,000 employees of the department of health services will receive this training, with the long-term plan of training all 85,000 county employees.

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