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Appreciating Differences Among People and Things Project
Appreciating Differences Among People and Things Project in St. Cloud, MN, provides leadership to individuals, organizations and agencies which encourages them to implement programs that promote diversity.

Bicultural Training Partnership
A partnership created to build the capacity and strength of Southeast Asian Mutual Assistance Associations, which assist many new residents to adjust and contribute to life in the United States

Bridges Across Racial Polarization
A St. Louis, MO organization that sponsors programs to encourage cross-racial relationships

Bridging Difference, YWCA of Wausau
A project coordinated by the YWCA of Wausau to increase awareness and understanding between different cultural and ethnic groups, and to eliminate fear and misunderstanding through workshops, public forums and art

Building Bridges Conference
A conference led by graduate students at the University of South Dakota which addresses issues related to Native Americans in higher education

Building Just Communities: Reducing Disparities and Racial Segregation
An organization began in 1996 to reverse the growing trend of poverty and racial segregation in the Minneapolis/ St Paul metropolitan area

Can't We All Just Get Along?
A Lima, OH program that encourages dialogue among individuals so they can explore racism in their daily lives

Citizens Upholding Racial Equality
The Freemont, Ohio-based organizations was created in October 1996 by the First Presbyterian Church in Freemont to discuss racial issues in the city

Cleveland Residential Housing and Mortgage Credit Project
A Cleveland, OH area effort to bring local bankers, mainstream and minority realtors, appraisers, insurers, and others involved in the home mortgage market area together to reduce barriers to racially equitable home ownership

Coming Together Project
An Akron, OH effort that brings more than 200 organizations together to operate various programs -- including workshops, an annual "Race/Walk,"" public forums, and a speakers bureau -- to improve race relations

Community Circles on Schools, Housing and Race
A project founded to advance public understanding of the growing economic and racial segregation and disparities in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and to develop constructive community responses to these challenges

Community Diversity Appreciation Teams
The Columbia, Iowa-based program was founded in 1994 by the Iowa Civil Rights Commission to develop community-wide plans to fight discrimination and teach the value of diversity

Community Enhancement Program
A Flint, MI program that uses public forums to engage members of the community in dialogues on race

CommUNITY Pride
The E. Jackson, Ohio-based organization was formed by local citizens in 1994 to recognize and strengthen the abilities of the citizens of the Appalachian Ohio communities

CommUnity-St. Louis
A St. Louis, MO intervention program that focuses on decreasing racial polarization and institutional racism

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