National Medal Winner - Randolph A. Marcus
National Millennium Time Capsule
National Medal Winner

PHOTO: The Journal of Physical Chemistry Marcus, Randolph A., National Medal of Science, 1989
The variety of scientific achievements, including the Marcus Inverted Region
"Science in the United States is so diversified that a substantial number of such items will probably be needed to do justice to it in this description of the end of the 20th century. Certainly, the double helix of Watson and Crick, the landing on the moon, the development of the transistor, and some description of tectonic plates are among the more obvious choices...Looking to the future the use of molecules instead of semiconductors to further miniaturize computers is on possibility...The genome project is expected to be largely finished as another achievement in the near future. New and significant developments in solar energy conversion can be expected to be another.

"In my own field there is one achievement which I mentioned to President Clinton in the White House...there was one prediction of my theory which took 25 years before it was confirmed by experiments. The Nobel Committee specifically cited it in their award description , preseumably because of its presumed role in photosynthesis. I have attached a plot of those long awaited results..."

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