Africa Trip Briefings

April 1

Press Briefing by Mike McCurry (4/1/98)

FACT SHEET: African Crisis Response Initiative (ACRI)

FACT SHEET: Safe Skies for Africa Initiatives

March 31

Press Briefing by National Security Advisor Sandy Berger

March 29

Press Briefing by David Sandalow, NSC Director of Environmental

Statement by the Press Secretary: Radio Democracy for Africa

Remarks to the Pool by Mike McCurry on the Bilateral Meeting

March 28

FACT SHEET: Ron Brown Commercial Center

March 25

Interview of Gloriosa Uwimpuhwe, Rwandan Genocide Survivor

March 24

Briefing by Reverend Jackson, NSC Director for Africa Prendergast, Assistant Secretary of State Rice and AID Administrator Atwood

March 23

Mike McCurry's Briefing at Accra, Ghana


Press Briefing on Africa Trip by National Security Advisory Sandy Berger, Administrator Brian Atwood and Secretary Rodney Slater (March 20, 1998)

Briefing by Mike McCurry (March 19, 1998)

Briefing by Scholars on Africa (March 13, 1998)

Briefing by Deputy National Security Advisor Jim Steinberg and others on Africa Trade (June 17, 1997)


Official Delegation Accompanying the President to Africa

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