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A Tour of the President's House

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The  Blue Room

The Blue Room

James Hoban designed this room as an oval at the request of President Washington. Today, it is used as a reception room for foreign dignitaries. During the holiday season, the chandelier is removed, and the White House Christmas tree stands in the middle of the room.

The Green Room

The Green Room

Over the years, the Green Room has served as a card room, as a sitting room, and, recently, as a parlor for small teas, receptions, and meetings. The walls were covered with green silk during Thomas Jefferson's presidency.

The Red Room

The Red Room

The walls of the Red Room are covered in red satin. During James Madison's presidency, his wife, Dolley, held musical gatherings in this room on Sunday evenings.

The Dining Room

The State Dining Room

The State Dining Room can accommodate up to 140 guests. Originally, it was much smaller and served as a drawing room, an office, and a Cabinet room. President Theodore Roosevelt once hung a large moose head above the fireplace.

The East Room

The East Room

The East Room is the largest room in the White House. It has been used for dances, receptions, concerts, weddings, funerals, church services, press conferences, bill-signing ceremonies, and many other events. President Theodore Roosevelt even held wrestling and boxing matches here.

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