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White House at Work September 1998

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September 30, 1998 The First Budget Surplus In A Generation
September 29, 1998 Developing Quick Responses That Help Families During Times of Crisis
September 28, 1998 Leadership In The Middle East Peace Process
September 25, 1998 Working in the Schools, Preparing for America's Future
September 24, 1998 An Economic Agenda That Is Working For America's Families, But Fiscal Discipline Must Be Maintained
September 23, 1998 Supporting Human Rights in Africa and Around the World
September 22, 1998 Working To Strengthen The Global Economy
September 21, 1998 A World Leader in the Fight Against Global Terrorism
September 18, 1998 Working To Improve Race Relations In America
September 17, 1998 Patients' Rights For All
September 16, 1998 A World Leader for Democracy and Human Rights
September 15, 1998 Preparing for the Security Challenges of the 21st Century
September 14, 1998 Economic Leadership in America and Around the World
September 10, 1998 Honoring Mentors of Science and Engineering
September 9, 1998 A Quality Education For All
September 8, 1998 Quality Schools for the 21st Century
September 4, 1998 Communities and Law Enforcement Working and Living Together
September 3, 1998 Preparing Americans for a Lifetime of Learning
September 2, 1998 Livable Communities for the 21st Century
September 1, 1998 Expanding Health Coverage for Children

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