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August 8, 1997: Balanced Budget-Health

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Balanced Budget -- Health


The historic balanced budget legislation I signed on Tuesday is about more than balancing the books; it also honors our values, increases our chances of keeping the American Dream alive in the 21st century and improves the lives of every American. There are some little-known but very important provisions in this new balanced budget that will take us a tremendous step forward in our fight against diabetes.

-- President Clinton, August 8, 1997

Today President Clinton announced that the balanced budget he signed into law contains a package of investments to improve treatment, prevention and research for Americans with diabetes -- this package offers new hope to the 16 million Americans who suffer from diabetes. The President's package includes:

    Expanded Coverage -- An important new preventive benefit which will help the millions of older Americans who suffer from diabetes better manage their treatment. The balanced budget invests over $2 billion to make testing strips and other methods of monitoring blood glucose levels, as well as instructions on how best to manage the complicated disease, available to all Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes. It will empower Medicare patients to take better care of themselves at home and to avoid complications that can lead to costly hospital stays and destroy health.

    Investments in Research -- A new $150 million investment to find a cure for juvenile diabetes. Children who develop diabetes should not have to suffer the devastating consequences of this disease. The new diabetes initiative will increase our annual funding for diabetes research by nearly 10%.

    Help For Those in Particular Need -- A $150 million investment to help prevent, treat and cure diabetes among Native Americans. Native Americans are three times as likely as white Americans to have diabetes and far less likely to find adequate treatment for their condition. This grant will bring public health services, schools, and nutrition programs together to reach families and children living on our reservations and provide them with information and tools they need to prevent and manage diabetes.

    Protections for People with Diabetes -- A new, unprecedented public-private partnership that will bring our nation's leading health care providers, purchasers, and consumers together to develop uniform guidelines for diabetes care. Through these new guidelines, we can ensure that all doctors provide their patients with the thorough and vigilant care -- such as regular eye and foot exams -- to stay as healthy as possible.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has said: "Taken together, these new investments in diabetes, announced by President Clinton today, are as important for people with diabetes as the discovery of insulin in the 1920s."

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