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April 8, 1999: A More Stable, Open and Prosperous World

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America has a stake in China's success, in a China that has overcome the challenges it faces at home. A China that has integrated into the institutions that promote global norms on proliferation, trade and the environment. A China that respects human rights and promotes peace.

President Bill Clinton
April 8, 1999

Today, President Clinton welcomed Premier Zhu Rongji from the People's Republic of China (PRC) to the White House for an official state visit. The two leaders reached a number of important agreements that strengthen U.S. and China cooperation and contribute to a more stable, open and prosperous world.

Establishing World Peace, Prosperity and Security for the 21st Century. Building on the accomplishments of President Clinton's summit meeting with President Jiang in October 1997 and June 1998, the discussions between President Clinton and Premier Zhu will help to deepen the cooperation between the United States and China on a broad range of issues, including:

  • Nonproliferation and Security. The President and the Premier reaffirmed their common goal to halt the spread of weapons of mass destruction. China's stated commitment to submit for ratification the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty is a significant step toward global arms control. The United States and China will hold further talks regarding the strengthening of China's controls on the export of ballistic missiles and associated technology. The two countries are also expanding their dialogues on security issues to strengthen peace and stability. Close cooperation between the two countries has contributed significantly to peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula and South Asia.
  • Economic and Commercial Relations. The United States and China are working together to promote economic stability and growth in East Asia, cooperating on efforts to reform China's economy, and deepening commercial ties. President Clinton and Premier Zhu reached agreement on expanding civil aviation cooperation, opening China's telecommunications market, expanding the U.S.-China housing initiative, and resolving a long-standing dispute on agricultural exports. Both countries also agreed that cooperation and consultation are necessary to promote economic growth and recovery in Asia.
  • Human Rights. The United States and China held a discussion on human rights, including respect for international standards embodied in international human rights covenants and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The United States called on China to ratify the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and raised concerns about the detention of political activists, protections for freedom of expression, and infringements on the freedom of religion.
  • Law Enforcement Cooperation and the Rule of Law. Expanding on the foundation established at the Beijing summit in June 1998, the United States and China are committed to continuing cooperation in law reform. Activities will include symposia on human rights and legal assistance, a conference of law school deans in Beijing, and translation of American legal texts. At the October 1997 summit, the U.S.-China Joint Liaison Group on Law Enforcement was announced, and the group has been meeting to expand cooperation in combating narcotics trafficking and international crime. U.S.-PRC drug enforcement cooperation has resulted directly in the first arrest and drug seizure in over a decade.
  • Environment and Energy. The United States and China established a number of programs to promote cooperation and advance global objectives in the fields of energy, science, and the environment. Vice President Gore and Premier Zhu will co-host the second session of the Environment and Development Forum on April 9, 1999. Projects to be discussed at the forum include clean energy technologies and air pollution and public health.

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