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White House Conference on Social Security: Conference Attendees

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This list is tentative as of Friday, December 4, 1998. Does not include distinguished Members of Congress or Administration officials.

Henry Aaron, Brookings Institute

Mel Aaronson, United Federation Of Teachers

Leanne Abdnor, NAM - Alliance Of Workers Ret Security

Johnathan Adelstein, Office Of Democratic Leader Daschle

David Affeldt, National Association For Hispanic Elderly

Terje Anderson, National Association Of People With AIDS

Norma Anderson, SS Task Force, Nat'l Conf State Legislatures

Angela J. Arnett, American Council Of Life Insurance

Frank Atwater, National Assoc Of Retired Federal Employees

Jeffrion Aubry, New York State Assembly

Diana Aviv, U.S.A. Federations Of North America

Bea Bacon, National Silver Haired Congress

Robert M. Ball, Former Social Security Commissioner

William Beach, Heritage Foundation

Sam Beard, Economic Security 2000

Hillary R. Beard, Economic Security 2000

George Becker, United Steelworkers Of America

Kay A. Bengston, Lutheran Office For Govt Afairs (ELCA)

James Bergeron, Office Of Speaker-Elect Livingston

Susan Bianchi-Sand, Nat’l Council Of Women's Organizations

Elizabeth Birch, Human Rights Campaign

Robert Bixby, Concord Coalition

Robert B. Blancato Matz, Blancato & Associates

David S. Blitzstein, United Food & Com Workers Int’l Union

Barbara Bovbjerg, GAO

Beau Boulter, United Seniors Association

Judy Brachman, National Association Of State Units On Aging

John Brennan, The Vanguard Group, Inc

Deborah Briceland-Betts, Older Womens League (OWL)

Paul Bridgewater, Detroit Area Agency On Aging

Dr. David K. Brown, West Virginia University Center On Aging

Alice P. Bulos, Fil Amer. Democratic Caucus, Calif. Demo. Party

Martha Burk, Center For Advancement Of Public Policy

James E. Burton, CA Public Employees' Retirement System

Suleika Cabrera Drinane, Inst For Puerto Rican/ Hispanic Elderly, Inc.

Michael Calabrese, Center for National Policy

Dr. Eugene Callender, Nat’l Caucus and Center on Black Aged

Esther T. Canja, American Associaton Of Retired Person

Paul R. Carey, Securities And Exchange Commission

Cy H. Carpenter, National Farmers Union

Marshall N. Carter, State Street Corporation

Francis X. Cavanaugh, Fed’l Ret Thrift Investment Board

Carolyn Chambers, Sen. Dorgan/Dem. Taskforce On SS

Shirley Chater, University Of California San Franicsco

Linda Chavez-Thompson, AFL-CIO

Yung-Ping Chen, University Of Massachusetts Boston

Julie Clark, National Council On Independent Living

Ken Cohen, Senate Special Committee On Aging

J. Sparb Collins, Nat’l Assoc Of State Retirement Administrators

William Corr, Office Of Democratic Leader Daschle

Carol Cox-Wait, Committee For A Responsible Federal Budget

Sharon Daly, Catholic Charities U.S.A.

Justin Dart, Justice For All

Al Davis, House Budget Committee

James DeLaCruz, Quinault Indian Nation

Shubanjali Dhawan-Gray, Nat’l Assoc Area Agencies On Aging

Peter A. Diamond, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT)

Suzanne Dilk, Americans Discuss Social Security

Deborah Dion, AFL-CIO

Thomas Donahue, U.S. Chamber Of Commerce

Thomas A. Douglas Jr., 100% No Load Mutual Fund Council

Nancy Duff Campbell, National Women's Law Center

Jonathan Edwards, Retirement Security Alliance

Louis D. Enoff, Enoff Associated, Ltd

Carroll Estes, University Of California At San Francisco

Cynthia Fagnoni, GAO

Jeff Faux, Economic Policy Institute

Sandra Feldman, American Federation Of Teachers

Martin Feldstein, National Bureau of Economic Research

Karen Ferguson, Pension Rights Center

Peter Ferrara, Americans For Tax Reform/Cato Institute

Edith U. Fierst, 1994-1996 Social Security Advisory Council

Matthew P. Fink, Investment Company Institute

Dr. Daniel B. Fisher, MD. PhD, National Empowerment Center

James J. Florio, Florio And Perrucci

Clayton Fong, National Asian Pacific Center On Aging

Martha Ford, The ARC

Elsie Fank, Massachusetts Association For Older Americans

Alison Fantz, Generations United

Frankie M. Freeman, National Council On The Aging, Inc

Burton Fretz, National Senior Citizens Law Center

Betty Friedan

Alan From, Democratic Leadership Council

Timothy M. Fuller, Gray Panthers

Suellen R. Galbraith, Amer Network Comm Opt & Resources

Charles M. Gayney, UAW Social Security Department

Ronald Gebhardtsbauer, American Academy Of Actuaries

Teresa Ghilarducci, Dept Of Economics, Notre Dame University

Lou Glasse, Geronological Society Of America

Fred Goldberg, Jr., Skadden, Arps

Jean B. Goldings

Javier Gonzales, National Association of Counties

Dr. John C. Goodman, National Center For Policy Analysis

Stephen Gorin, Plymouth State College

Robert Greenstein, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Janice Gregory, The Erisa Industry Committee

Bill H. Hansell, Int’l City/County Management Association

Lori Hansen, Social Security Advisory Board

Bobby L. Harnage, Sr., Amer Fed Of Gov’t Employees (AFGE), AFL-CIO

Hubert L. Harris, Jr., Invesco Retirement And Benefit Services

A. Louise Hart, American Nurses Association

Dr. Heidi Hartmann, Institute For Women's Policy Research

Dr. Dorothy Height, National Council Of Negro Women

Wade Henderson, Leadership Conference On Civil Rights

Fong "Jonathan" Her, Hmong National Development, Inc.

Paul S. Hewitt, Center For Strategic And International Studies

Roger Hickey, New Century Alliance For Social Security

Kim Hildred, House Ways And Means Committee, SS Subcomm

Jim Hill, Oregon State Treasury

G. William Hoagland, Senate Budget Committee

Allen Hodgkins III, LA Assoc Of Public Employee Ret Systems

Darrin M. Hoffman, Fahnestock

David Hoppe, Office Of Majority Leader Lott

Margaret Hostetler, House Ways And Means Committee

Jamie Houton, Senate Democratic Steering Committee

Mary Hounsell, Women's Institute For A Secure Retirement

Bill K. Hull

John Hurson, SS Task Force, Nat'l Conference of State Leg.

Patricia Ireland, National Organization Of Women (NOW)

Jesse Jackson, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition

Daryl W. Jackson, American Institute Of CPA

Jerry Jasinowski, National Association Of Manufacturers (NAM)

Wayne W. Johnson III, Galveston County Commissioner

Larry Jones, U.S.Conference Of Mayors

Yvette Joseph-Fox, National Indian Health Board

Tom Kahn, House Budget Committee

Eric Kalt, Queens Boulevard Extended Care Facility

Dr. Elaine Kamarck, Harvard University

Stephen Kellison, Social Security Board Of Trustees

Martha Keys, Social Security Advisory Board

Kenneth J. Kies, Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP

Kilolo Kijakazi, Center On Budget And Policy Priorities

Jonathan Kimmel, Teachers Retirement System Of NYC

Andie King, Office Of Democratic Leader Gephardt

Bruce King, Senate Budget Committee

Kirsten Kingdon, Parents And Friends Of Lesbians And Gays

Geoffrey Kollmann, CRS

David Stuart Koltz, CRS

George J. Kourpias, National Council Of Senior Citizens

Liz Kramer, Institute For America's Future

Marc E. Lackritz, Securities Industry Association

William S. Lambert, United Teachers Of Los Angeles

Heather Lamm, Third Mellinium

Pamela J. Larson, National Academy Of Social Insurance (NASI)

Kamal I. Latham, Harvard University NAACP

Donna Lenhoff, National Partnership For Women & Families

Richard C. Leone, Century Foundation/ Twentieth Century Fund

Mark Levinson, Union Of Needletrades, Industrial & Textile Workers (UNITE)

Liz Liess, Senate Special Committee On Aging

Lee Lillard, Univ. of Michigan, Retirement Research

Kerry Lobel, National Gay And Lesbian Task Force

Mary Loose Deviney, U.S. Junior Chamber Of Commerce

Charles M. Loveless, Amer Fed St, Cnty & Munipal Employees

Peter J. Luciano, National Alliance Of Senior Citizens

Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer, Americans Discuss Social Security

Adam Luna, 2030 Center

Bruce K. MacLaury, Com On Econ Dev/ Brookings Institute

Theodore R. Marmor, Yale School Of Management

Don Marquis, Public Employee Retirement Commission

Will Marshall, Progressive Policy Institute

James L. Martin, 60 Plus Association

Jim Martin, National Governors Association

John H. Marvin, National Council Of Senior Citizens

Samuel L. Maury, Business Roundtable

Janice Mays, House Ways And Means Committee

Martha A. McSteen, Nat'l Comm To Preserve SS & Medicare

Kweisi Mfume, Nat’l Assoc For Advancement Of Colored People (NAACP)

Don Miller, National Council On Teachers Retirement Systems

Olivia S. Mitchell, Pension Research Council, Wharton School,

University Of Pennsylvania

Marilyn Moon, Urban Institute/SS Board Of Trustees

Stephen Moore, Cato Institute

Evelyn Morton, American Association Of Retired Persons

Daniel Mulhollan, CRS

Alicia H. Munnell, Boston College

Cecilia Munoz, National Council of La Raza

Robert J. Myers, Retired Chief Actuary, SSA

James J. Norton, Graphic Communications International Union

Karen Nussbaum, AFL-CIO

Bonnie O'Day, National Rehab Hospital Research Center

Ronald P. O'Hanley, Mellon/Dreyfus

Byron D. Oliver, Cigna Retirement & Investment Services

June O'Neil, CBO

Betty Leel Ongley, Older Women's League (OWL)

Van Doorn Ooms, Committee For Economic Development

Norm Ornstein, AEI

J. Michael Orszag, Birkbeck College, University Of London

William H. Orton, Jones Waldo Holbrook & Mc Donough

Neil Parekh, American Assoc Of Physicians Of Indian Origin

Mark Patterson, Senate Finance Committee

Rudolph G. Penner, Urban Institute

Clifton Perez, Client Assistance Program

Peter G. Peterson, The Blackstone Group

Michael J. Petro, Committee For Economic Development

Martha Phillips, Concord Coalition

José Piñera, Cato Institute

David Podoff, Senate Finance Committee

Frank Polk, Senate Finance Committee

John Powell, The Seniors Coalition

Wendell Primus, Center on Budget & Policy Priorities

Steve Protulis, National Council Of Senior Citizens

I. Vicky Rateau, Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance

Carolyn Ratto, League Of California Cities

Brian Reardon, National Federation Of Independent Businesses

Steve Regenstreif, Amer. Fed. Of St., Cnty & Muncpl Employees (AFSCME)

Robert D. Reischauer, The Brookings Institution

Virginia P. Reno, National Academy Of Social Insurance (NASI)

Alan Reuther, UAW

Mark Richert, American Foundation For The Blind

Max Richtman, Nat'l Comm To Preserve SS & Medicare

Hans Riemer, 2030 Center

Carole Roberts, Citigroup

Michael Rodgers, Am. Ass. Of Homes & Svcs. For The Aging

Eric Rodriguez, National Council Of La Raza

Maya Rockymoore, House Ways And Means Committee

Dennis B. Rogers, Nat’l Coalition On Black Voter Participation

Stanford G. Ross, Social Security Advisory Board

John C. Rother, American Association Of Retired Persons

Dallas Salisbury, Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI)

Anthony Samu, United States Student Association

Elisa Maria Sanchez, MANA

John S. Satagaj, Small Business Legislative Council

Harold A. Schaitberger, International Assoc. Of Fire Fighters

Sylvester J. Schieber, SS Advisory Board/Watson-Wyatt

Yvonne Scruggs-Leftwich, Black Leadership Forum, Inc.

Laurence Seidman, University Of Delware

Gail Shaffer, Business & Professional Women

Gerald Shea, AFL-CIO

Hilary Shelton, Nat’l Assoc For The Advancement Of Colored People (NAACP)

William G. Shipman, State Street Global Advisors

Kyu P. Sim, Korean American Coalition

Samuel J. Simmons, Nat’l Caucus & Center On Black Aged, Inc

Dr. Margaret C. Simms, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

Pete Singleton, House Ways And Means Committee

Stan Skocki, Office Of House Speaker-Elect Livingston

Eleanor Smeal, National Feminist Majority Foundation

Dr. Jane Smith, National Council Of Negro Women

David Smith, AFL-CIO

Dr. Marta Sotomayor, Ph. D., Nat’l Hispanic Council On Aging

Dr. William Spriggs, National Urban League

Eugene Steuerle, Urban Institute

Wayne Struble, House Budget Committee

Dale F. Swartz, Swartz And Associates/ Public Strategies Grp

John J. Sweeney, AFL-CIO

Susan Tanaka, Committee For A Responsible Federal Budget

Linda Tarr-Whelan, Center For Policy Alternatives

Richard Thau, Third Millenium

Eleanor Tilson, 1199 National Benefit Fund

Joe Theissen, U.S. Chamber Of Commerce

Cherryl T. Thomas, U.S. Railroad Retirement Board

Robert M. Tobias, National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU)

Dr. Fernando M. Torres-Gil, Ph. D., UCLA, School Of Public Policy

Ted Totman, Senate Special Committee On Aging

Wilson L. Trivino, Department Of Political Science

Alec Vachon, Senate Finance Committee

Paul VanDeWater, CBO

David Walker, GAO

Dr. Mark J. Warshawsky

Carolyn Weaver, American Enterprise Institute (AEI)

Rosalie Whelan, Service Emp. Int. Union (SEIU)

Brent Wilkes, League Of United Latin American Citizens

Kery Wilkes, National Puerto Rican Coalition

Charles Williams, National Council Of Senior Citizens

Sandy Wise, Ways And Means Committee, SS Subcommittee

Ka Ying Yang, Southeast Asia Resource Action Center

Anthony Young, United Cerebral Palsy Associations, Inc.

Nancy Zirkin, American Assoc. Of University Women (AAUW)

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