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What's New Archives - January 1998

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January 30, 1998

President Clinton Speaks to U.S. Conference on Mayors

Technical Management of Internet Names and Addresses

January 29, 1998

President Clinton Describes His Vision For The Military Into the 21st Century

President Clinton Speaks to the People of La Crosse, WI

January 28, 1998

President Clinton Speaks to the People of Champaign-Urbana

January 27, 1998

1998 State of the Union Address

January 26, 1998

President Clinton Announces Education Initiatives

January 21, 1998

President Clinton Celebrates MLK Day By Volunteering

January 20, 1998

President Signs Charter of Partnership with Baltic States

January 15, 1998

President Clinton Makes Law Enforcement Announcement
President Clinton Calls For Bipartisan Legislation to Reduce Smoking

January 14, 1998

President Clinton Calls for Health Care Bill of Rights

January 12, 1998

President Clinton Issues Directive Strengthening Drug Testing and Treatment Efforts

January 09, 1998

President Clinton announces expanded funding for work study program

January 07, 1998

President Clinton Announces Historic Child Care Initiative

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