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White House Conference on Teenagers: Raising Responsible & Resourceful Youth

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For Immediate Release April 20, 2000

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Washington, D.C. - On Tuesday, May 2, 2000, the President and Mrs. Clinton will host the "White House Conference on Teenagers: Raising Responsible and Resourceful Youth." The conference will feature some of the nation's leading experts on raising teenagers and will cover issues such as:

  • New scientific research that the preteen years are as important as the first three years of life and set patterns for adult behavior and success;

  • The changing demographics of today's youth, the most diverse group of teenagers in history;

  • Perceptions and realities about the role parents play in the lives of their teenage children;

  • The risks, challenges and anxieties faced by today's teens;

  • The impact of new media on youth and parenting; and

  • What parents, communities, and young people themselves can do to avoid risk behaviors to build a safe and successful path to adulthood.

The opening session of the one-day conference will take place in the East Room with an audience comprised of parents and teens, educators, youth workers, foundation leaders, researchers, and policymakers. This session will be broadcast via satellite to locations around the country for those interested in participating. The opening session will be followed by lunch, breakout sessions hosted by Administration officials and members of Congress and a closing reception. The afternoon events will be held in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building and the White House Conference Center.


Further details concerning the satellite downlink, program and scheduling information will be released as available. Information on hosting or joining a satellite downlink site for this conference is available at http://stm.xpandcorp.com or by calling 1-800-USA-LEARN.

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