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President Clinton's Remarks at the Annual White House Easter Egg Roll

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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release April 5, 1999


The South Lawn

10:10 A.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. I want to welcome you to theWhiteHouse today. And before I say anything else, I want to say in this seasonofpeace for us I know all of us will send our thoughts and prayers to our men andwomen in uniform in Kosovo, and our prayers and best wishes to the manythousands of refugees that have been generated by that terrible conflict.

Now, let me first begin by thanking our sponsors who make thispossibleevery year. And I thank the White House volunteers. I'd also like tothank thestaff for preparing -- listen to this -- 7,000 eggs for today's event.(Applause.) That's more than we ask them to prepare for a State Dinner.(Laughter.) I'd also like to thank Scholastic, Inc. for the PrescriptionforReading program that Hillary mentioned; and tell you all that we have tried tomake this an occasion for family learning, for children and their parentstolearn together. The Prescription is one example.

You can also seen an electronic presentation on the White House attheCD-ROM pavilion. You can meet American figures in our history at theHistoricalFun Stage. There will be a lot of storytelling sessions. We have a lot of oldregulars here, and a lot of new people like Jamie Lee Curtis, who's come to joinus this year. And we thank all of them for participating.

Now, I want to get on with the show, but I want to know: where are thepeople for the Easter Egg Roll? Are we down there? Turn around. If youwantto see it, they're down right behind us.

MRS. CLINTON: And over there, too.

THE PRESIDENT: And over there. Are you ready? Where's ourfamous,fateful whistle blower? All right. On your mark -- get ready, set, go.

(The Easter Egg Roll commences.)

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