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The President`s Trip to South Asia: Mahavir, Hyderabad and Mumbai, Friday, March 24

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Trip to South Asia


Visit to Mahavir HospitalMahavir

Here the President will visit a local clinic to participate in immunizing children against disease, in particular polio, a disease that India has almost eradicated. He will also discuss with health care workers what the United States and India are doing, and can do in the future, to combat tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and malaria.

Mahavir Hospital is a full-service hospital with 150 beds. Around 200-300 patients from the surrounding community are also seen daily on an outpatient basis. Mahavir is supported by private donations from the Jain community. A government-sponsored prosthetic workshop is connected to the hospital.

In collaboration with NGOs, the World Health Organization, and local physicians, Mahavir supports an innovative, community-based tuberculosis treatment program known as the Directly Observed Therapy Shortcourse (DOTS). Some 300 patients have already passed through this program. DOTS serves as a working model of tuberculosis treatment for other parts of India.

Technology Event

Here President Clinton will discuss the ways our two countries are leading the world in information technology and other knowledge-based industries. He will also draw attention to the role of Indian-Americans in our own software industry and the bridge they represent to the IT community of India.

The Hyderabad Information Technology-Engineering Consultancy City -– popularly known as “HI-TEC City” -- is one of the best-known software centers in India. Located 10 miles from downtown Hyderabad on 158 acres of land (of which six have been developed to date), HI-TEC City is the centerpiece of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s ambition to turn Andhra Pradesh into an information technology powerhouse.

The project was started in 1997 as a joint venture between Larsen and Toubro, Ltd. (L&T), a private construction company, and the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC), a public sector enterprise. Approximately $40 million out of a projected ten-year outlay of $375 million has already been spent on development of the facility.

HI-TEC City provides office infrastructure and business support for computer software companies working in the electronics, telecommunications, engineering, and finance sectors. The facility has a dedicated power substation and in-house power backup, waste water management system, and a convention center. Its 525,000 square feet of office space is already occupied by 48 software companies, such as Microsoft, Oracle, GE Capital, Toshiba, and Metamor. Around 1700 professionals are already at work. Work on an additional 864,000 square feet of office space is underway.

HI-TEC City is overseen by a board of five directors. Four are drawn from L&T and one from APIIC. Mr. S. Hariharan, Deputy General Manager of L&T, administers the facility.

Next Generation Round Table
Café Royale

The President will meet at Café Royale with a group of six Indians who represent a sample of the next generation of leadership in India. They will discuss with the President their vision of the India of the future.

Café Royale is situated on a large traffic circle in the heart of one of Bombay’s most historic districts. Several of the city’s finest Victorian buildings grace the circle, including the Maharashtra State Police Headquarters, the National Gallery of Modern Art, and the Prince of Wales Museum. Café Royale is an old establishment (founded in 1919) that underwent a makeover several years ago to give it a more contemporary feel.

Reception with Business Leaders
Oberoi Towers

In the business capital of India, the President will meet with leaders of the private sector who are launching India into the world marketplace and with those representatives of American companies who are helping to bridge the distance between our countries.

The Oberoi Hotel rooftop is an enclosed room on the 35th floor of the Oberoi Towers at Nariman Point. The room is flanked on two sides by large windows, offering a view of both the Arabian Sea and Marine Drive.


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Mahavir, Hyderabad and Mumbai, Friday, March 24

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