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Access Native America Net Day

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On May 16, 28 Bureau of Indian Affairs schools will be connected to the Internet as part of Access Native America Net Day. The schools are located on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, the Pueblos of New Mexico, the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Reservation in Mississippi. The Bureau of Indian Affairs, its private sector partners, and volunteers will connect all 185 BIA schools in the country by the year 2000.

A Message From the Vice President

Hello and congratulations on Access Native America Net Day. I am pleased to have the opportunity to extend a special message of support to the children, families and educators of Indian country.

Through the hard work of Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt, Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Kevin Gover, and many others, we will turn the vision of connecting all 185 Bureau of Indian Affairs schools to the Internet into a reality. On May 16, a crucial step forward is being taken, when 28 BIA schools in four states will be connected to the Internet. I applaud you, along with all of the organizers, sponsors and volunteers who are participating in this historic and exciting effort to connect our young people to the future.

The President and I are very excited about this effort. We believe that Indian children must have the same access as all other children to the tools of the Information Age. You are our Nation's and your tribes' future. The President and I are committed to making sure that every school in the country receives the tools necessary for children to learn, succeed and prosper.

I am proud that this day is possible because many businesses worked with schools and citizens. We must continue to work together so that all the children in Indian country have a better future and are among the pioneers of the Information Age.

I encourage you all to have fun at the celebration today -- you've earned it. Working together, we can ensure a better future for our country, your tribes, and you.

E-Mail From the Vice President
TO: student_activities@teachnet.edb.utexas.edu
FROM: vice.president@whitehouse.gov
RE: Congratulations.

I am happy to be one of the first to communicate with all of you over the Internet. I am very pleased that we have all worked together to begin connecting all 185 Bureau of Interior schools to the Internet by the year 2000. With the 28 schools connected today across four states, we are making great progress toward reaching our goal. The President and I will continue to work to make sure that all students in Indian country have access to educational opportunities. It is crucial that every single child in this nation is able to participate fully in the Information Age. Congratulations on all your hard work. Enjoy the festivities today and especially enjoy the world of learning that the Internet will help you reach.

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